Re-envisioning Academic Degrees

Re-envisioning Academic Degrees

Please be assured that EGSC faculty and staff will work with you as you complete your program of study. Specifically:

  1. You still have time (2-years) to complete your degree in your selected major.
  2. Your advisor will arrange a 1-1 meeting with you (if you are enrolled in programs to be deactivated).
  3. Your advisor will walk you through your degree program to evaluate the courses to take in subsequent semesters for degree completion.
  4. You will be given a copy of your degree program form and a teach-out plan to use as roadmaps for your degree completion.
  5. Your advisor may suggest that you enroll in summer, December, and Maymester classes to ensure degree completion in a timely manner.

Your instructors and advisors are available for any questions you may have concerning academic program deactivations. Feel free to contact them with your questions or concerns.

What does this mean for me?

As a returning EGA student you can choose to keep your current program plan of study or decide to review your program plan of study with your advisory and determine if you would like to graduate under the new academic degrees.

Will I lose any credits if I change to the new programs?

No, all credits earned will be transferred to the new program plan of study.

What if I decide to keep my current program plan of study?

It will be important to complete your coursework within 2 years.

What if I don’t complete the coursework under my current plan of study?

You and your advisor will transfer your completed coursework to the degree most aligned to your interest area.  For example, if you are enrolled in the A.S. in Biology then you would graduate with the A.S. in Natural Sciences.

Since most students earn the AA Liberal Arts (formerly Core Curriculum) degree, the academic program deactivations will only impact a small number of students. Most students who are already working toward their degree will have ample time to complete their programs of study.