Associate of Arts

Associate of Arts in Political Science

The Political Science degree information on this page is provided for those students who have declared Political Science as their major prior to Fall 2021. No new Political Science majors are accepted into this program beginning in Fall 2021, as the program will be terminated effective Spring 2023. This information is provided to inform already-enrolled Political Science majors how to finish their degree before Spring 2023. Current majors should contact their advisor to plan their course work toward degree completion or transfer possibilities.

The Associate of Arts, Political Science degree is one that students can attain after successfully completing an exact set of courses. Once these courses are completed, all will transfer to the Bachelor's degree in Political Science at any public college or university in the state of Georgia. For more information on the required coursework, please see below.

Political Science Mission Statement

The political science program equips students with the knowledge and skills to participate intelligently in politics at all levels, pursue additional education in political science and related fields, succeed in the workforce, and think critically about politics.

What is Political Science?

Political Science is a field of study concerned with understanding political and governmental behaviors, institutions, relations, and practices. As such, the field is comprised of a wide variety of sub-fields: public policy and institutions, political philosophy and theory, comparative politics, international relations, urban politics, and more.

Why should I study Political Science?

Studying Political Science will introduce you to the structure of government institutions; the development and impact of constitutions; and contemporary issues affecting local, state, national, and international governments. The field also examines political systems, institutional development, as well as theoretical and direct applications of political behavior. As a field of study, it can help you to develop an understanding of how laws and public policy shape and interact with issues of political ideology, voting rights, gender, civil rights, and civil liberties. It further emphasizes the importance of civic engagement both inside and outside the classroom. The study of Political Science will also allow you to develop various marketable and transferable skills including critical thinking, leadership, and applied quantitative analysis that can be used in many career fields in the discipline.

What can I do with a Political Science Degree?

Common careers for political science majors include: lawyer, paralegal, educator, policy analyst, legislative assistant, political consultant, public relations or social media specialist, government affairs manager, market research analyst, intelligence analyst, political party or interest group staff, nonprofit organization manager, and more.

Political Science at East Georgia State College.

East Georgia is a great place to begin your studies in political science. We offer:

  • Great faculty, such as Dr. Tom Caiazzo, the current Political Science Discipline Coordinator, who is a two-time social science faculty of the year recipient, author, a former national delegate, and a political party scholar that is civically engaged in the community: Dr. H. Lee Cheek, Jr., a former congressional aide who is now a political consultant and regular commentator on American politics and religion; Professor Daniel Mancill, a state and local politics scholar and active participant in national politics; and, Professor Robert Mullins, a lawyer and author who has been featured nationally including on C-SPAN’s Book TV.
  • Connections to the region's politicians and leaders of government and industry.
  • Travel-study opportunities through the University System of Georgia that have taken East Georgia students to study centers in France, Spain and Costa Rica.
  • Opportunities to learn outside the classroom through involvement in political campaigns and active chapters of College Republicans, College Democrats, American Political Science Association, Georgia Political Science Association, and American Public Administration Association on campus.

Program Learning Outcomes with linkages to General Education Student Learning Outcomes.

East Georgia State College assesses student learning based upon the achievement of eleven general education outcome electives. A list of these outcomes is available on the East Georgia State College web page. Outcomes 1, 3, 6, and 9 are incorporated into the objectives of all Political Science courses. The appropriate learning outcome is indicated at the end of each objective.

After completing all the political science program courses, students will be able to:

  1. Research and analyze issues in political science and present their findings in written and/or oral form
  2. Explain the structures, powers, and processes of the three branches of the U.S. Government
  3. Describe key political science concepts such as government, order, justice, liberty, equality, and rights
  4. Articulate the structures, processes, and powers of state and local governments in the United States political system
  5. State the main features, advantages, and disadvantages of prominent forms of political order such as democracy and autocracy
  6. Explain the primary claims of theories of international relations including realism, liberalism, and constructivism

Associate in Arts in Political Science.

With political science as your major, you have a world of options open to you. Most students who study political science transfer to complete their four-year degrees and then master’s or professional degrees, and work in all levels of government and public service; teaching; federal, state, and local agencies; politics; financial management; hospital administration; law; lobbying; and a wide variety of career fields.

EGSC political science students have transferred to complete their degrees at:

  • Georgia Southwestern State University
  • Augusta University
  • Georgia College and State University
  • Georgia Southern University
  • University of Georgia


Associate of Arts in Political Science

The study of political science at East Georgia State College will build your critical thinking skills, you ability to think on your feet, and your ability to form and express an argument. Political science is a great major for pre-law students, but we have also had a number of students go into health care administration or teaching. Because of our location, quite a few students work on political campaigns while they are in college, and can build their resumes from that experience.

Dr. H. Lee Cheek, Jr.

Chair of the Social Science Division and Professor of Political Science and Religion

Program Curriculum

Curriculum for the AA in Political Science.

Effective starting with the Fall 2020 semester, the political science degree Program Curriculum included:

Core Areas A, B, C, D, E and Additional Institutional Requirements
Required: 46 Hours

Please see College Catalog for required curriculum

Area F
18 Hours
POLS 2101 Introduction to Political Science 3
POLS 2201 State and Local Government 3
POLS 2301 Introduction to Comparative Politics 3
POLS 2401 Global Issues 3
Guided Electives
Choose Two:
MATH 1401 Elementary Statistics 3
ECON 2105 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
ECON 2106 Principles of Microeconomics 3
HIST 2111 Survey of U.S. History I 3
HIST 2112 Survey of U.S. History II 3
SOCI 1160 Introduction to Social Problems 3
Total Semester Hours: 64

More Information » Curriculum Sheet and Two-Year Academic Plan - Associate of Arts Degree / Political Science

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