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Housing: FAQ

How do I apply to live on campus at EGSC Swainsboro?

STEP 1: Complete a housing application for Swainsboro campus housing (Swainsboro campus students only) by clicking the link to "new student housing application" on our housing main web page (  Students attending the Augusta or Statesboro campuses who are interested in housing in that area should contact those campuses directly for more information.

STEP 2: In addition to submitting your application, you will need to submit your $50.00 non-refundable housing application fee to the EGSC Business Office (make sure you include student name and ID number if sending a check or money order). You can also pay over the phone with a credit or debit card by calling 478-289-2186. After your application and application fee are received, it will be processed by the EGSC Office of Housing and Residence Life.

STEP 3: You will also need to submit the appropriate housing agreement by printing, completing, and sending via fax or scan to the following information: (Fax: 478-289-2353, E-mail:

STEP 4: Next, pay the $50.00 refundable reservation fee following the same steps as the application fee above. The reservation fee is a deposit toward your overall housing costs that will be refunded once you move in and begin classes at EGSC.

STEP 5: Each student who chooses to live on campus will also have to complete a Criminal Background Investigation Consent Form and return it for processing. The CBI Consent Form is also available under "Forms." This can be faxed or emailed as stated in the housing agreement step above.

NOTE: Housing applicants must have graduated from high school or have obtained an equivalency degree (GED) and be admitted to EGSC Swainsboro for the term in which they intend to reside.

What if I change my permanent address or email address after I submit my Residence Hall Application?

If any of your information changes, please complete an application update form located on the admissions website. Only by submitting this update form can your information be updated in our computer database. Click here to print the update form.

What is the application deadline for housing?

There is no deadline, but rooms are assigned on a first-come basis dependent on completion of paperwork and payment of fees.  Housing is not guaranteed. Once we reach a waitlist situation, the housing website main page will be updated with this information.

How do I request a specific roommate?

The Residence Hall Application has a space for you to write the name of specific roommates. If you choose someone after you have turned in your application, you can email or call us with the addition. Roommate preferences are not guaranteed.

How are roommates assigned?

Roommates are assigned based on information provided on the Residence Hall Application and input from the student. On the application, students can request roommates by name. They also complete a section about hobbies/preferences that helps us match them. Any spots available after July 5 will be assigned by the Office of Housing and Residence Life.

Can you change roommates after they have been assigned?

Yes, you can request a roommate change. Changes can be requested via EGSC email up until 2 weeks before the posted move-in date if space is available. Requests received within the 2 weeks just before move-in will not be considered.

If I’m having trouble with my roommates, can I change rooms during a semester?

You may request a room change during a semester, but space may not be available for an immediate move. Roommate Agreements will be completed during the first month that the student is on campus. This agreement will ask the four roommates to consider situations they might encounter during a semester and discuss a plan of action. The agreement can be altered at any time to fit the changing needs of the group, but also serves as a platform for mediation.

Room changes will not be made during the first two weeks of the last 2 weeks of the semester. These are freeze dates used to confirm room occupancy and make assignments for the next term, respectively.

What furniture comes with the apartment?
  • Living room: modular pieces that can be used as chairs or pushed together to make a couch and/or loveseat; window blinds; ceiling fan (Bobcat Villas South)
  • Living room: 2 slipper chairs in living room (Bobcat Villas West)
  • Kitchen: refrigerator with ice maker; stove; microwave
  • Bedroom: extra long twin bed with mattress and drawers; desk; desk chair; track closet system; window blinds; ceiling fan
  • Twin XL Bed Mattress: 36"Wx80"Dx8"H
  • Twin XL Bed : 38"Wx2.5"Dx36"H (South beds have under bed dresser drawers)
  • 3-Drawer Dresser: 30"Wx20"Dx29"H (Bobcat villas west)
  • 4-Leg Desk - Standard Suites: 30"Wx24"Dx29"H
  • 4-Leg Desk - ADA Suites: 34"Wx24"Dx29"H
  • Mobile Pedestal/Nightstand: 16"Wx20"Dx29"H (Bobcat Villas West only)
  • 2-Position Chair: 17.5"Wx25"Dx32.5"H
What are the dimensions of areas in the apartment?
Bobcat Villas-South
  • Living Room Window: 80”w x 76”h (Students wanting curtains that hang to the floor should buy 96" curtain panels)
  • Bedroom Window: 40”w x 64”h (Students wanting curtains that hang to the floor should buy 96" curtain panels)
  • Closet: track system; 48” shelf with bar for hanging clothes, 19” basket and tie/belt/purse wire hooks will come standard.
  • Bedroom: 8’ x 9'

Bobcat Villas-West

  • Living Room Window: 59"W x 70"H  (Students wanting curtains that hang to the floor should buy 96" curtain panels)
  • Bedroom Window: 34"W x 58" H (Students wanting curtains that hang to the floor should buy 96" curtain panels)
  • Typical Suite Interior Door: 3'W x 6'-8"H
  • Shower ADA*: 5'W x 2'-10"D
  • Shower Standard*: 4'W x 2'-10"D
  • Bedroom: 8’6” x 11'

Shower Rod provided - Shower curtain and hooks are not provided. Students should purchase extra long shower liners for stall showers. You can also lengthen your standard shower curtain by adding an extra set of shower rings. Ask an RA to show you!

How do I know which apartment I have been assigned?

Students will be notified of their room assignment when their application is compete (all five steps completed) or by July 15th (whichever comes last). Students will be notified of their assigned roommates 2 weeks prior to move-in.

What if I need special accommodations in housing as a result of a disability?

Contact Counseling and Disability Services at as soon as possible because accommodations take time to be approved and arranged.

May I apply for on-campus housing before being formally accepted to EGSC?

Yes, applications will be processed, and you will be contacted about any missing requirements for admission to EGSC. You cannot live on campus if you are not accepted as a student. Email notices of missing requirements will be sent to your EGSC student email (or the email address provided on your housing application if not available.)

Can I live with a person of a different gender?

No, on-campus housing at EGSC is designed for roommates of the same biological sex only.

Do I need Renter's Insurance?

The Office of Housing and Residence Life very strongly advises that each resident carry individual renter's insurance for his or her personal property in the event of fire, flood, theft, hurricane, tornado, overflowing tubs, broken pipes, water main breaks, etc.

You must understand that East Georgia State College and the Office of Housing and Residence Life DOES NOT and CANNOT protect any personal belongings against burglary, vandalism, fire, smoke, and other perils.

You must also understand that by not having personal liability insurance, you may be liable to third parties and to East Georgia State College and the Office of Housing and Residence Life, for certain perils which are covered by renter's insurance.

You may be covered by your parents' homeowner's insurance. Check with your parents' homeowner's insurance company to see what is covered and additional information necessary for coverage.

Can I see my room or place items in it before I arrive on opening day?

We will make every effort to have a Preview Room available for touring during Orientation, EGSC Open House, and regularly scheduled campus tours, but cannot allow items to be placed in apartments before a student moves in.

What is a Room Condition Report?

You must complete, sign and return a Room Condition Report at move-in to document any problems with the condition of the room when it is initially occupied. You will be held financially responsible for any damages to the room found upon move-out unless originally noted on the Room Condition Report or a previously reported maintenance problem. Severe damages may be submitted as a student conduct violation for vandalism depending on the severity.

Rooms will be inspected again at move-out. You must schedule this inspection and be present when it takes place, or complete an express move-out during which you do not have to be present.

Housing and Residence Life will maintain and repair the mechanical systems, plumbing systems, and appliances. Residents will be responsible for any costs that occur from misuse, abuse or neglect to the apartment or the premises.

Do ONLY freshman get to live on campus?

No, any EGSC student can live on campus.

Are all students living on campus required to have a meal plan?

Yes, all students who choose to live on campus will be required to purchase the 9-meal plan. This plan also includes flex funds.

Will students have access to Wi-Fi if they wanted to bring a laptop?

The entire building offers wireless internet access! Our BCVillas wi-fi is NOT a secure network. Students wishing to create their own secure network must provide their own wireless router for personal use. Transactions via unsecured wireless are at the users own risk.

Do I need a computer?

A computer lab is available inside Bobcat Villas-South and Bobcat Villas-West, inside the Jean and L.C. "Shot" Strange Clubhouse, in the JAM Student Center and in the Library, so a student has multiple options on campus if they do not bring a computer. However, all residents have access to the labs inside Bobcat Villas and all EGSC students have access to the other labs, so a student may have to wait their turn during peak times.

Are cookware and utensils provided?

No, cookware and utensils will need to be provided by the student.

Can students stay on campus during holidays?

Although campus housing will officially close during Thanksgiving Week, the Winter break and Spring break, students can complete Request for Housing during Breaks form with the Office of Housing and Residence Life for approval.  Students may leave all belongings in their rooms during these breaks. Additional charges may be placed on your account depending on the length of the break you wish to stay.

What are the visitation procedures and hours for residents?

Visitation hours are posted by the Office of Housing and Residence Life and students are kept updated. Visitors must be 18 years of age or older, must have a current picture ID and must abide by all policies while visiting. Residents are only allowed two visitors at a time since they must escort their guest and are responsible for their actions while visiting.

If each student is only allowed one visitor at a time, what will the procedure be if more than one person wants to come by for the day or stay overnight?

Permission can be requested from the Residence Life Coordinator via email for special circumstances. Overnight guests must be of the same gender as the resident they are visiting.

What happens to my reservation fee if I decide to cancel my on-campus housing before moving in?

The reservation fee is forfeited if the student cancels his/her contract before moving in.

Are pets allowed?

Only service animals or Emotional Support Animals are allowed in the residence halls. For more information on service animals, contact the counseling office.

Do I have to take a specific number of credit hours to be able to obtain on-campus housing?

We ask that students carry a full academic load (12 hours) during Fall and Spring semesters and at least 6 hours during Summer semester.

Can financial aid be used towards housing costs?

Financial Aid money can be used to pay for housing and meal plan costs beyond the application fee and reservation fee. The application fee and reservation fee must be paid out-of-pocket.

Who is responsible for cleaning the bedrooms and bathrooms?

After students move in, they are responsible for cleaning the apartment. Health and safety inspections will be performed by staff to make sure the apartments are being cleaned on a regular basis.

Can I bring a bicycle?

Absolutely! Bike racks are provided, but students will need to provide their own lock.

Are telephones available on campus or within the units?

Telephone access is available in the Residence Life Coordinator's office for students to use if they need to call home. Emergency phones that directly dial 911 are located near the emergency exit on each hallway.

Is tutoring available for students?

EGSC offers free tutoring in the Academic Center for Excellence located in the Luck Flanders Gambrell building.

Where do I receive my mail?

Each resident will have a mailbox in the Clubhouse. Residents will receive their EGSC address as part of their move-in packet. Mail keys will be picked up from Corvias Maintenance in the clubhouse building.

Is there a curfew?

Residents do not have a curfew. The lobby doors are locked 24/7 and can only be accessed by a current resident with an ID card or staff with access privileges.

Is cable television service provided?

Cable service is provided in the living room of each apartment. If a student would like to have cable service in their bedroom, they can request information from our local provider and have the service connected in their name.

Where do we do laundry?

Bobcat Villas-South has one laundry room on the first floor; Bobcat Villas-West has one laundry room on the second floor and another on the third floor. Students do have to provide their own laundry detergent, etc., but will not be charged to use the equipment.

Can I bring my own furniture?

EGSC furniture cannot be removed and a clear path has to be maintained to the exit, but students can bring their own furniture to supplement/decorate the apartment.

Is there a place where I can hang out?

The Jean and L.C. "Shot" Strange Clubhouse is accessible to residents and their guests. This facility has a fitness center, a game room, four big-screen TVs, a computer lab, study rooms and a multi-purpose room with kitchen.

Who do I go to if I have questions or need help?

Please contact our office at 478-289-2172 or by email at We will be happy to help you or put you in contact with the correct resource.