Disability Services

Disability Services - Information for Faculty

We understand that the accommodation process can sometimes be confusing to new or even seasoned faculty members.  This is complicated by the fact that there are frequent changes in the laws and statutes governing disability services.  We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions regarding disability accommodations. 

How will I know if a student has been deemed eligible to receive accommodations?

The student is required to obtain accommodation contracts from the disability service provider for each semester they wish to secure accommodations.  The student must present this contract to faculty members in each course they wish to receive accommodations in.  They must obtain each instructors signature on the individual contracts and return the signed contracts to the disability service provider.  They should also leave a copy of their contract with you to keep for your records. Faculty members are under no obligation to provide accommodations until the student meets with them, obtains the faculty member’s signature on the contract, and discusses their accommodation needs with the individual faculty members.  Once this is completed, it is also the responsibility of the student to request approved accommodations in a timely manner – you do not need to initiate the provision of accommodations until a student requests that you do so.

A student brought me an accommodation contract, but has never requested accommodations.  Why is that?

We often have students who secure accommodations but would like to attempt courses without using them, or a student may not require a specific accommodation in your course, but will in others.  For example, a student may struggle in math and wish to use extended time for math tests, but never request testing accommodations for your English class.  This is why you may have students who present you with accommodation contracts, but do not request to utilize their accommodations.  It is completely in the students’ hands when and how often they request their accommodations.

Do I have to provide accommodations for the student if I believe the accommodation fundamentally alters my course?

If you believe an accommodation that has been granted will fundamentally alter your course, please contact Lori Burns ( Stephanie Royals (  to discuss your concerns.  In some cases, accommodations can be appealed if it is demonstrated that they interfere with the nature of your course. 

Can I get more information about testing accommodations?

Two of our most common accommodations provided are extended time for tests and allowing a student to test in a quiet/low-distraction environment.  Some points to remember regarding testing accommodations and test proctoring services:

  • We do not recommend allowing more than double time on exams.  For some students this can exacerbate their disability and diminish their ability to perform well on the exam.
  • If you decide to allow more than double time or unlimited time on a test, please remember that the Office of Counseling and Disability Services will not proctor exams longer than double time.  Unfortunately, at this time we do not have the resources to allow unlimited time on tests as this can cause scheduling difficulties.   
  • If you choose to proctor your own exams, please be mindful of students necessitating a quiet/low-distraction testing environment.  If you have questions concerning this, please contact our office.
  • Test proctoring procedures currently differ between our 3 locations, so please be sure to be familiar with procedures to ensure we can receive and administer your tests in a timely fashion. 
  • In Statesboro, please be sure to utilize the test proctoring form provided here. Please be sure to fill this form out in its entirety and attach it to the exam to be proctored. 

What about the student note taker accommodation?

With appropriate documentation, students are eligible to have institutionally-approved note takers assist them in lecture classes.   Students requiring note taking assistance are visually or hearing impaired, have a physical disability that impedes writing, or have a type of learning disability that prohibits their ability to write or gain information through auditory processing.  Students with other disabilities may be approved for note takers if approval is granted by the Regents Center for Learning Disorders (RCLD). 

Students requesting this accommodation need to do so in a timely manner.  When students are granted this accommodation we try to reinforce the importance of requesting to use a note taker early on.  Please refer to the following documents to help guide you in providing this accommodation:

  • Professor Information for Note Taking Accommodation
  • Student Note Taker Information for Note Taking Accommodation