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Clery Annual Security Report


Daily Crime Log






10/2/2016 Theft By Taking Bobcat Villa West Parking Lot
10/04/2016 MISC-Cigarette (Littering) Gambrell
10/04/2016 Failure To Stop At Stop Sign Statesboro Campus
10/01/2016 MISC-Noise Disturbance Hill Street
10/4/2016 Failure To Obey Traffic Control Device Statesboro Campus
10/9/2016 MISC-Loud Music S. Anderson Drive
10/7/2016 MISC-Mislaid Property Cafeteria
10/11/2016 MISC-Marijuana Baggie Bobcat Villa West Parking Lot
10/11/2016 MISC-Gun Shots Hill Street
10/12/2016 MISC-Residential Alarm 811 Prosperity Drive
10/13/2016 MISC-Unauthorized Guest Bobcat Villa South
10/13/2016 MISC-Warrant Assisting Dining Hall
10/14/2016 MISC-Marijuana Odor Bobcat Villa West
10/13/2016 MISC-Marijuana Baggie Found Bobcat Villa West Parking Lot
10/14/2016 Criminal Trespass Prosperity Drive
10/15/2016 MISC-Agency Assist S. Anderson Drive
10/14/2016 Accident 131 College Circle
10/15/2016 Fire Alarm Code Bobcat Villa West 319
10/16/2016 MISC-Burn Odor Bobcat Villa West 209
10/16/2016 MISC-Tobacco Odor Bobcat Villa West 310
10/17/2016 MISC-Marijuana Baggie Found Bobcat Villa West Parking Lot
10/17/2016 MISC-Disorderly Academics
10/17/2016 MISC Police Vehicle
10/19/2016 Accident Statesboro Campus
10/19/2016 MISC-Marijuana Baggie Found Bobcat Villa West Parking Lot
10/18/2016 MISC-Smoking Bobcat Villa West Room 303
10/18/2016 MISC-Lost/Mislaid Property Bobcat Villa West Parking Lot
10/19/2016 MISC-Inoperable Propert Student Center
10/20/2016 Fire Alarm Bobcat Villa West