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Promotion and Tenure Review Committee

Purpose and Functions: The purpose of the Promotion and Tenure Committee is to receive and review formal applications for tenure and promotion. Its functions are to recommend policies
and procedures as necessary and proper to accomplish its purpose; review the formal portfolios; add its recommendation to that of the faculty member’s Division Chair of direct supervisor; and
forward the portfolios and the recommendations to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  The committee will notify the faculty member and the appropriate Division Chair or direct
supervisor as to its action on the application. Members will serve a three-year term and Division Chairs will not be eligible for appointment to this committee. The Vice President for
Academic Affairs will select a temporary replacement for any member of the Review Committee who is applying for promotion or tenure.

Chair: selected by the Vice President of Academic Affairs from its members;
One tenured faculty member from each academic division selected by the vice president
for academic affairs