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Institutional Effectiveness Committee

This committee merged with the Enterprise Risk Management Committee, effective 8/11/17. For historical information on the Enterprise Risk Management Committee see the EGSC Statutes dated 12/20/16 on the EGSC Policies and Procedures - Archives Page. The Works of the Committee are noted below. 

Purpose and Functions:

The purposes of the Institutional Effectiveness (IE) Committee is to foster the College's continual institutional improvement processes. These processes will encompass strategic planning, to include risk management analysis and action planning; both academic and administrative unit assessment; and comprehensive program review (CPR) and reporting. The IE Committee will  facilitate the College's transition from an institution primarily offering a single associate degree to one offering a range of options at the associate degree level that are attractive to all students, ranging from those who are minimally prepared academically to those most prepared. In addition, the IE Committee will collaborate with the College's baccalaureate degree program directors to assure that appropriate discipline specific accreditations and recognitions are attained and maintained. The committee's functions are to recommend policies and procedures as necessary and proper to accomplish its purpose and recommend means for evaluating achievement. 


  • Chair, Director of Institutional Effectiveness
  • Academic Affairs
  • Business Affairs
  • Information Technology
  • EGSC – Statesboro
  • EGSC – Augusta
  • Student Affairs representative
  • Institutional Advancement
  • One faculty member elected by the faculty
  • Baccalaureate Program Director, serving in order of program seniority
  • Humanities Program Coordinator, appointed by the dean of the School of Humanities
  • Math/Science Program Coordinator, appointed by the dean of the School of Math/Science
  • Social Science Program Coordinator, appointed by the dean of the School of Social Science

Works of the Enterprise Risk Management Committee:

Works of the Committee: