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Housing Committee

Purpose and Functions:

Purpose and Functions: The purpose of the Housing Committee is to assure that on-campus housing provided for students promotes an excellent learning environment at the College.  Its functions are to recommend policies and procedures as necessary and proper to accomplish its purposes, provide representation, guidance, oversight and information dissemination to the College as a whole concerning the College’s housing program, and make recommendations concerning long range planning, program expansion and budgetary allocations.


  • Chair, Director of Housing
  • Business Affairs 
  • Plant Operations 
  • Institutional Advancement 
  • Athletics
  • Faculty representative elected by faculty
  • Student representative appointed by current housing residents

Ad Hoc Committee Members

  • Assistant Director of Housing
  • Operations Manager Corvias

Works of the Committee:

The Housing Committee attempts to meet in person at least once per semester and then utilizes email and web-based meeting options at all other times.  

Each year, the Committee:

  • reviews housing forms and publications and makes recommendations for revisions and additions as needed
  • works together to establish an mutual beneficial communication plan for housing that aligns with the practices and needs of partnering departments (i.e. business, police, plant ops, enrollment services, student affairs, and academic affairs)
  • makes recommendations for marketing and assessment of the facilities in support of occupancy objectives
  • makes recommendations for evaluation and assessment of resident experiences in support of overall resident success and retention
  • develops and implements activities and initiatives designed to bring campus constituencies into the residence halls as well as connect residential students with the EGSC community

Meeting Minutes:

Housing Standing Committee Meeting - January 19, 2018

updated: 4/19/2018