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Emergency Response Committee

Emergency Response Committee

Purpose and Functions:  The purpose of the Emergency Response Committee is to safeguard the college community and facilities against potential threats and other situations that threaten the safety/security of the College by the establishment of procedures for communication, command-and-control, effective coordination and use of institution and community resources, in response to an actual or potential threat, disaster, or hazardous event.  The functions of the committee are to recommend policies and procedures as necessary and proper to accomplish its purpose and to initiate an Operations Continuity plan for all College operations, including the review of existing policies and procedures and drafting amendments as needed.


  • Chair, President
  • Director, Fire and Emergency Services Administration Program
  • Academic Affairs
  • Student Affairs
  • Business Affairs
  • Chief of Staff/Legal Counsel
  • Information Technology
  • Institutional Advancement
  • Facilities
  • Public Safety
  • EGSC – Statesboro
  • EGSC – Augusta