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Conflict Resolution Committee

Conflict Resolution Committee

Purpose and Functions:  The purpose of the Conflict Resolution Committee is to provide a non-binding and voluntary mediation process for work-related disputes involving one or more of the college’s employees including student employees, faculty members and staff members. It is designed to be used only when the employee’s resort to first- and second-line supervisors has failed to resolve the conflict.  If any party to the dispute chooses not to participate, this Conflict Resolution Committee is not available as a dispute resolution mechanism and the parties to the dispute shall have access to any other process applicable to that dispute as provided by the Board of Regents policy, these statutes or the Policy and Procedure Manual of the College.

The functions of the committee are to recommend policies and procedures as necessary and proper to accomplish its purposes and to hear disputes and to recommend a resolution of those disputes to the parties and the President.  In the event the Committee determines it is unable to hear a particular dispute a conflict of interest, appearance of a conflict of interest or other appropriate reason, the dispute may be heard by an individual qualified as a mediator under standards established by the University System of Georgia.

Conflicts involving student matters outside the employment relationship, promotion, tenure, salary and non-renewal of contracts shall be not be appropriate for the consideration by the Conflict Resolution Committee.

Membership:  The Conflict Resolution Committee shall be composed of five individuals appointed by the President on an annual basis.  The committee shall include at least one faculty member, one student, one administrator and one classified employee.