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Office of Title IX

Title IX at East Georgia State College

The safety of students, faculty and staff is a top priority at East Georgia State College, and we are committed to providing a learning, working and living environment that promotes personal integrity, civility and mutual respect. Every member of the EGSC community has an obligation to stay informed about Title IX in order to recognize and take steps to prevent discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct, and to respond effectively if such behavior does occur. All Title IX complaints, as well as complaints under the Non-Discrimination and Harassment Policy, are handled by the Title IX Coordinator.

The Title IX Office is located on the Swainsboro campus in the Luck Flanders Gambrell Building in Room J573.  Ms. Kelly Ansley, Title IX Coordinator, is available to assist with any Title IX concerns or discrimination and/or harassment concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact her by phone at 478-289-2088 or via email at

Title IX Protects You

• What is Title IX? Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a broad federal law prohibiting gender-based discrimination in educational institutions receiving federal funds.  It prohibits gender-based discrimination in all college programs and activities, including admissions, athletics, employment, housing, financial aid, recruitment, clubs and organizations.

• Title IX protection from discrimination extends to faculty, staff and students.  It includes such things as: sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, gender-identity and pregnancy. It also prohibits retaliation against anyone who makes or participates in a complaint.

• The following link provides information about EGSC’s Non-discrimination and Anti-harassment policy. Through our policies, procedures, and practices, the college will facilitate prompt, thorough, and fair investigations and adjudication of complaints of gender-based and sexual misconduct.

     EGSC's Non-discrimination and Anti-harassment Policy    

From launching sexual assault awareness campaigns and anti-violence initiatives to implementing non-discrimination policies and wellness programs, East Georgia State College will continue to actively support and protect the campus community’s overall well-being. Everyone’s help is vital to these efforts and greatly appreciated.


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It’s On Us PSA

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EGSC's Title IX Contacts

  • Kelly R. Ansley

    Kelly R. Ansley

    Title IX Coordinator

    Phone: 478-289-2088


    Campus: Swainsboro

    Building: Luck Flanders Gambrell Building

    Room: J573