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What are the requirements to participate in the dual enrollment / MOWR program?

What are the requirements to participate in the dual enrollment / MOWR program?

The Dual Enrollment program (formerly known as Move On When Ready or MOWR) is a state-funded program for high school (public, private, and approved home-study) students that provides dual enrollment tuition assistance in Georgia.

The admissions requirements for Dual Enrollment include:

  • Attend a Dual Enrollment participating school public or private secondary educational institution within the State of Georgia or a home study program operated pursuant to §O.C.G.A. 20-2-690 that has been approved by the Georgia Student Finance Commission. Ask your guidance counselor to be sure your school is approved to participate.
  • Test scores - The following minimum scores are required:
  • old SAT (prior to March 2016) : Minimum Critical Reading 430/Math 400, composite of 970 OR
  • new SAT(after March 2016) : Minimum Reading subscore 24/Math score 25.5 OR
  • ACT: Minimum English 17/Math 17, composite of 20 OR
  • AccuPlacer: Minimum Reading 63/WritePlacer 4/Elementary Algebra 67*. If Reading score is 75 or higher, WritePlacer is not required

*An Algebra score of 79 is required for students who need MATH 1111 (College Algebra) for the Honors Track or if their intended program of study requires College Algebra. An Algebra score of 67 is required only if the student does not need College Algebra for the Honors Track and their intended program of study only requires MATH 1001 (Quantitative Reasoning) or MATH 1101 (Mathematical Modeling).

  • Have a High School academic GPA of 3.0 or higher (as calculated by the Office of Admissions).
  • Obtain approval from high school guidance counselor and parents/guardians
  • Be on track to complete the Required High School Curriculum (RHSC), as defined by the University System of Georgia.

For more information see our Dual Enrollment program page.

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