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How do I authorize my Financial Aid so that I can purchase books and non-institutional expenses?

How do I authorize my Financial Aid so that I can purchase books and non-institutional expenses?

In order for your Financial  Aid funds to be used to pay your Tuition and Fees or be used in the book store (Book Voucher)  you must "Authorize" East Georgia State College. Federal Aid and Hope Aid are authorized separately.

Note:  If you elect not to let EGSC use your Financial Aid for tuition and fees, you will be required to pay out of pocket any tuition and fees owed by the fee payment deadline or your courses will be dropped.  Your Financial Aid disbursement will be electronically deposited to your designated financial institution approximately 10 days after courses begin.
Also, a percentage of any excess financial aid funds can be used at the bookstore for the purchase of course materials before the disbursement date, generally just before classes start until the day after schedule adjustment.

  1. Login to Banner Web from the MyEGSC portal (
  2. The "Authorize" page should appear. If the "Authorize" page does not appear, on the menu, select the "Financial Aid" then select "Student Authorization". On the Authorization page, make sure that each of the Status Options listed on the page are set to "authorize". Scroll down the page and click "Submit". (If you do not have anything to authorize, review your Financial Award package on the Financial Aid menu in Banner Web).
  3. The next page that appears is the "Verify" page. Make sure that "Authorized" is listed under the New Status column for each type of financial aid. If "authorized" is not listed for each type of financial aid, click the "Edit" button to correct; otherwise, click the "Submit" button to continue. 
  4. The next page that appears is the "Confirmation" page and the word "Confirmation" should be displayed at the top of the page. 
  5. It can take up to 1 hour for the data to be uploaded to the bookstore.

Note: You will only have access to 75% of any excess in Financial Aid after all Tuition and Fees have been taken into account. Please review the “Registration Fee Assessment” page and look for “Estimated Refund Due”. Your Book Voucher will be 75% of this value up to 800.00.  In the example below, this students Book Voucher will be 75% of 209.08 or 209.08 X .75 = 156.81 (If loans make up part of your award package the voucher may not be exactly 75% of the total aid. There are some fees and other percentages withheld from loans amounts for the purpose of the book voucher calculation. Generally, 95% of the authorized loan is available for use in the bookstore calculation. Example: Book Voucher = .75 * (total non- loan aid + .95(total authorized loans)).

To access the Registration Fee Assessment page from the “Main Menu”, select the “Student” menu, the “Registration” menu. If you do not see any charges or you do not see any of your Financial Aid applied you may need to contact Student Affairs at or 478 289-2169.

If your Financial Aid does not show up on the Registration Fee Assessment be user to check for any missing requirements/documents under the Financial Aid menu and make sure you have Authorized your
Aid. If you have done these things then you will need to contact the Financial Aid office or call 478-289-2169.

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