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Are EGSC students provided an email address?

Are EGSC students provided an email address?

All students are provided an EGSC CatMail Email address.  Students will access their EGSC CatMail Email address through their myEGSC user account.  For more information regarding your myEGSC account, please visit myEGSC.

A student's CatMail Email address remains active for the duration of their enrollment at EGSC.  After one year of non-attendance, the student’s email account and all email messages are deleted.  For additional information about your EGSC student email account, please refer to the EGSC Campus Email policy. Because the college utilizes the EGSC student email address as a primary means for sending communication to students, the college does not utilize a student's third-party email address (i.e., Yahoo account, Gmail account , etc.) for sending email messages to a student.

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