EGSC Frequently Asked Questions



What are the admission requirements for EGSC’s FESA Program?

Applicants are required to meet regular admissions requirements for the applicant’s student type. Please refer to the Enrollment Categories and Admissions Requirements section of the Catalog to determine the requirements for each student type. There are no special requirements to enter either the AA or BA program FESA program.

How do you apply to enter EGSC’s FESA Program?

Students may apply to enter the FESA program in any semester. The applicant must complete an EGSC Admission Application during the application period and provide the required documentation.

How often do you start the FESA Program?

Application deadlines for the FESA program are:

  • Fall - August 6
  • Spring - December 15
  • Summer - June 2

Students can enter the program any semester. Starting dates are:

  • Fall Semester - August
  • Spring Semester - January
  • Summer Semester - June
How long does it take to complete the FESA Program?

The length of time to complete either the Associate degree or Bachelor’s degree is dependent upon the number of courses taken by the student each semester. There is no requirement to be a full-time student or for a specific number of credit hours to participate in the program. See the Course Curriculum for a listing of the courses for the AA-FESA and the BA-FESA program.

Do I have to come to campus for this program?

EGSC’s FESA program is a totally online program; therefore, presence on campus is not required. Some students may wish to take their general core classes on campus if they live in the area or in the college’s dormitories. However, all general core classes are offered online as well, so students outside of the area do not have to come to campus. All major courses in the FESA program curriculum are offered online to meet the schedules of those that might have work and family commitments. Commencement ceremonies are held on campus every fall and spring semester.

I took classes at another institution. Will those classes transfer to EGSC for the FESA Program?

Yes, EGSC will accept transfer credits from other regionally accredited colleges and universities. Please see Acceptance of Transfer Credit for more information. A minimum of 17 semester hours must be completed at EGSC to complete the Associate’s degree, and a minimum of 31 hours for the Bachelor’s program. Please refer to EGSC’s Course Catalog for additional information.

How long are my core classes valid at EGSC?

Your core courses do not have an expiration date in the EGSC FESA Program.

How does the cost of attending EGSC’s FESA Program compare to other similar programs?

EGSC’s FESA Program is one of the most affordable fire and emergency services associate degree programs in the U.S. The estimated cost of completing the EGSC FESA Program is dependent upon the number of courses needed to complete the degree based upon transfer courses and prior learning experience.  See Fee schedule for tuition and fees.

Does the EGSC FESA Program accept Prior Learning Assessment as course credit?

There are certain national certifications that can be accepted as Prior Learning Assessment. These include National Professional Qualifications (NPQ) and International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) certifications. After being admitted to EGSC, you will work with your advisor on receiving credit for these certifications. EGSC also accepts course credit given by the American Council on Education (ACE) with proper documentation and transcripts. Additionally, some course credit may be given for Military courses and EMT/Paramedic certification.