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Employee Giving - Give Associated

Give Associated

Connecting the EGSC Faculty and Staff
to a Culture of Philanthropy


What is a culture of philanthropy?

A culture of philanthropy promotes the love of mankind...caring for others.

A philanthropic culture says to the rest of the world "we exist to fulfill a gap or need that is significant to advance a cause that is critical - will you join us?

A strong culture of philanthropy will support an organization's fund raising efforts because everyone is involved in fund development. In non-profit organizations like EGSC, a philanthropic culture has an attitude that champions relationship building, which is the very essence and foundation of successful fundraising. In this culture, you'll see an inclusive approach to fund raising that emanates from the heart of the organization and is embraced by every person in the organization. There is a clear understanding and respect for the way in which philanthropy helps an organization advance its mission.

Creating a culture of philanthropy begins with those closest to your organization, and it is truly the first step toward building a strong fund development program.


A Culture of Philanthropy Begins With You!

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Charles A. Wimberly Jr.
"I want to thank everyone who has helped East Georgia State College. It means so much to our kids, our programs and our college. We’re only as good as you make us, and I’d just like to thank everyone for their donations."

—Charles A. Wimberly Jr.

Athletics Director

Professor Beverley E. Walker
"Thank you so much for your support of the college and our students. You really make a difference in the lives of our students and the college. Your impact is felt every day, and we thank you for your generosity."

—Professor Beverley E. Walker

Dir/Asst Professor of Fire & Emer. Ser.

Akira Sutton
"I would like to say thank you for everything you’ve done for our college. Because of you, our student body has grown and our campus has expanded. There are not enough words to explain how thankful we are for you and your donations to this college."

—Akira Sutton

EGSC Student