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Jeffery Howell, Ph.D.

Jeffery Howell, Ph.D.

President's Office/Academic Affairs/Humanities and Social Sciences

Jeffery B. Howell , Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Phone: 912-623-2413


Campus: Statesboro


Room: H140


B.A., History, University of Mississippi, 1987.
M.Div., Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, 1993.
M.A., History, Mississippi State University, 2005.
Ph.D., History, Mississippi State University, 2013.

Dr. Howell spent the first 15 years of his professional career as a Baptist minister and the last ten as a college instructor.  As a native of Mississippi, Dr. Howell has a deep interest  the history of race, white supremacy, and the black struggle for civil rights.  As a student of religious studies, Dr. Howell has a keen interest in the concept of diffusion and how ideas from one culture can affect the worldview of another.

He is the author of Hazel Brannon Smith the Female Crusading Scalawag (2017, University Press of Mississippi) and a coauthor on the US History textbook, The American Road, Volume I  (2015, Kendall Hunt) and the Western Civilization textbook, Our Western World, Volume I and II (2017, Kendall Hunt).

Research Interests:
American South: Civil Rights Movement, Jim Crow
Religion: Roots and influence of Ancient Judaism and Christianity
Western Civilization: Greece and Rome

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