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Brett G. Larson

Brett G. Larson

President's Office/Academic Affairs/Humanities and Social Sciences

Brett G. Larson

Assistant Professor

Phone: 478-289-2058


Campus: Swainsboro


B.A., Patrick Henry College
M.A., Catholic University of America
Ph.D., Catholic University of America

Dr. Larson received his Ph.D. from Catholic University of America in 2015.  His dissertation examines John Rawls’s understanding of the connection between universality and particularity and the consequences that his view of this relationship have for his conception of justice. During the 2015-2016 academic year, Dr. Larson worked as a visiting assistant professor of government at Patrick Henry College.  He taught government courses including Comparative Politics, European Politics, and Politics of Developing Nations. In Fall 2016, Dr. Larson joined East Georgia State College as an assistant professor of political science. His classes include American Government, Global Issues, and Comparative Politics.

Research Interests:
The History of Political Thought
Contemporary Democratic Theory
The Political Philosophy of John Rawls
The Relationship Between Universality and Particularity
The Debate Between Liberals and Communitarians
The Political Thought of Fisher Ames