Bobcat Growl - Complaint System

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Bobcat Growl - Complaint System

East Georgia State College realizes there may be times when you desire to share information about…

  • Concerns you may have associated with the College
  • Safety and health related issues
  • Ethic issues
  • Policy or procedure issues or
  • Other

All of your concerns are important to us.  With your input we can strive to continually improve to better serve you.  The Bobcat Growl – Complaint System offers you the opportunity to share these concerns.

If this is an emergency, please call East Georgia State College Police at 478-455-0125 or call 911.  This is not an emergency response system.  If you have an immediate need for attention, please contact one of the resources above.

Complaint Mechanisms…
Use this section as a guide to systems currently in place to offer you the opportunity to file a complaint or pursue complaint resolution.  Links are provided below to different policies or options recognized by the College as official means to address issues you have of concern.  Some links, such as Ethics and Compliance Hotline, will direct you to services offered outside of the institution. 

Let Us Know Your Concern(s)…
Use this section to share with us your concerns about a specific area of the College. Click the link below and provide the requested information. We look forward to the opportunity to improve our service to you.

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