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WOW - What a ride!!

WOW - What a ride!!

by Elizabeth Gilmer | March 21, 2013
Last Edited: April 06, 2013 by Elizabeth Gilmer
WOW - What a ride!!
Bobcat Fans from Hutch

Despite their best efforts, the East Georgia State College Bobcats' season comes to an end after their 75-68 loss to the undefeated Spartanburg Methodist College in the third round of the NJCAA national tournament in Kansas.

The Bobcats fell behind early thanks to the Pioneers' slick three-point shooting in the first half. Down by a score of 37-22, the Bobcats' Jordan Johnson hit a three-point shot that put the Bobcats on a nice run as they went in to the locker room down by a score of 39-32.

The second half had the teams pretty much swapping scores . The Pioneers would get up by 12-15 points, then the Bobcats would close it down to about eight before the Pioneers would separate again.

The Bobcats got the score down to five with less than two minutes left, but were unable to do what they had done all year: find a way to win. The Pioneers just kept plugging away and hitting their free throws, and the Bobcats just couldn't hit enough shots down the stretch.

Still though, for a team just in their third true year as a program, the Bobcats have their national statement after their 32-point victory in the second round against Coffeeyville Community College, and this is a team that will be looking for a return trip to Kansas next year.