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Student Life SGA

Student Life SGA

by Elizabeth Gilmer | October 19, 2012
Last Edited: June 17, 2013 by Elizabeth Gilmer
Student Life SGA

The Student Government Association is excited to sponsor a Fall Festival for all students to come out and participate in activities organized by the clubs of EGSC.  Be on the lookout for the upcoming date.
We have been busy this semester with events such as the blood drive, club day, cross country meets, and the Bobcat Regatta, where we proudly represented the school with a boat. Our duct tape and cardboard boat was the overall winner in the competition, receiving the Fastest Boat medal in the race. We are also being represented by several members in the upcoming Student vs. Faculty/Staff Softball game for Breast Cancer Awareness. Be sure to stop by the SGA office in the JAM Student Services complex to discuss any problems or comments you may have. Our dedicated members serve two hours each a week in the office to enable students to share their opinions or questions with us, and we are always happy to assist.


Our SGA members are:
Tommy Green - President
Raven Hudson – Vice President
Janet Alvarez - Secretary
Kaidy English – Freshman Senator
Austin Fultz – Freshman Senator
Aaron Tanner – Sophomore Senator
T’Keyah Sutton – Freshman Senator
Marco Montes – Sophomore Senator
Walter Ivy – Sophomore Senator