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Student Life - Ambassadors

Student Life - Ambassadors

by Elizabeth Gilmer | October 19, 2012
Student Life - Ambassadors

The Fall Semester has been quite busy for the EGSC Ambassadors. Our major project for this semester was to recreate the kiosks located on the front entrance driveway. The Ambassadors met to decorate a total of eight kiosks with information about the species and habitat around our campus. This proved to be a fun, yet educational event. We also served/participated at several events on campus, such as the Week of Welcome, the Ribbon Cutting of the Common Grounds coffee shop, the Chris Jones Hypnotist event, presentation by Chris Sandy and Eric Krug, the Symphony of Augusta, and Cross Country meets.
Our ambassadors this year are:
Raven Hudson
Lauren Hendley
Ashley Youmans
Lee Humphrey
Vanessa Morris
Alex Akins
Olivia Rigdon
Kenneth McClendon
Haley Chester
Marco Montes
Linda Gonzales
Rachel Frederick
Austin Carruth
Julie Scott


Last Edited: October 19, 2012 by Elizabeth Gilmer