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Social Science - November 2012

Social Science - November 2012

by Elizabeth Gilmer | November 13, 2012
Last Edited: March 20, 2013 by Elizabeth Gilmer
Social Science - November 2012

Dr. Tommy Upchurch is  working on another book project.  This one is called "The Explanation."  It is a theological, philosophical, and ontological discussion of the book of Genesis.  It tries to square Christian beliefs about origins with scientific evidence.  It is therefore a project of modern-day scholasticism.



EGSC Students Debate the Presidential Candidates!

Dr. Caiazzo's political science classes engaged in a debate to decide who would be the best candidate to serve as the chief U.S. executive effective Jan 2013. Based on scholarly research, students presented their research on the various issues in a non-rancorous yet educational manner. The students looked at the four major candidates and their various planks: Barack Obama (Democratic), Mitt Romney (Republican), Dr. Jill Stein (Green), and Gary Johnson (Libertarian). From domestic policy to foreign affairs to balancing the budget and student federal financial aid, students did their best to persuade and convince the class and community guests that their candidate was best prepared to lead the nation. As for a "winner," Dr. Caiazzo explained: "All the students were winners. I am so proud of these scholars. The debate assignment promoted critical thinking, while it placed an emphasis on so many educational techniques and skills such as: reading, writing, research, technology, public speaking, and working together in a group. I don't think students get enough credit for their passion and energy, as well as their educational desires. This assignment and academic efforts vindicates a basic principal that if we ask nothing out of students, then we will get nothing. But ask them for a lot, and you will get a lot; and much, much more. KUDOS to all my students!"




Of Special Note ----



Dr. Walt Mason supervised the fall Special Olympics games at the Emanuel Rec Center on Friday, November 9. Several education students assisted with the basketball games, which were enjoyed by over 50 middle and high school age students.


The Annie Moses Band will be performing live in Waynesboro, GA, on Tuesday, December 4. Several local choir members will be joining them as ‘backup’ singers, including Dee McKinney, associate professor at EGSC, who sings 2nd soprano.


Dr. Walt Mason will be one of the officials in the NAIA National Championship Football Game in Rome, Georgia on December 13.  The game is kicking off at 6:35 at Barron Stadium and is usually telecast on a CBS Sports channel.  As of today the teams have not been determined.


Dr. Jeff Edgens, Associate Professor of Political Science in Statesboro had an editorial published in the Nov. 18th Chattanooga Times Free Press – A Fix for Aging Water Lines.