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Social Science

Social Science

by Elizabeth Gilmer | October 12, 2012
Last Edited: May 25, 2017 by Victor Poole
Social Science

Tommy Upchurch

Tommy Upchurch has written a book review on James Beeby’s Populism in the South Revisited: New Interpretations and New Departures for the Journal of American History.  It is set for publication sometime in 2013.

First Criminal Justice Workshop a Success

On August 30, the first ever Criminal Justice Workshop was held at the Fulford Center. In attendance was Swainsboro’s own Deputy Rocky Davis. Davis shared his own experiences as a deputy and taught the students CSI protocol. Students said that the highlight was when they got an opportunity to fingerprint alongside Deputy Davis. The final half of the workshop was conducted by the Effingham County Sheriff’s K-9 Unit. Deputy Andrae Wright, a Criminal Justice Major at East Georgia State College, Sergeant Mundy, and Captain James Thompson put on a spectacular demonstration with the department’s K-9 dog named Sergeant Duke. Sergeant Duke is trained in drug detection, criminal apprehension, tracking, article search, and building search. During the demonstration, contraband was hidden inside the conference room, and Sergeant Duke accurately found the stash every time. Special thanks to all the Sheriff’s Departments who participated and Jean Schwabe who helped prep the building and assist with lunch.

The Power of Suggestion

Last month, I attended a conference sponsored by Saybrook University in San Francisco, California on Psychology and Humanistic Studies. I attended this conference as a residency and practicum requirement for my doctoral program. The conference lasted nine days and provided courses in leadership, organization systems, multiculturalism, and Jungian studies. One of the most interesting courses that I took was Introduction to Hypnosis. Hypnosis and self hypnosis can be an empowering tool. The idea of suggestion has long played a part in our childhood and led us to believe that we could do anything. Hypnosis can be prescribed in many areas such as low self esteem, testing anxiety, dyslexia, and other psychological phenomena. Maybe you are not into hypnosis, but getting into the habit of positive suggestions can help you set the right environment in your classrooms and give students the boost of confidence that they so desperately need to hear.  -- Brittany Current


Caiazzo's Community Activity

Dr. Tom Caiazzo, Associate Professor of Political Science, had a Letter to the Editor published in the Savannah Morning News, and helped organize a fundraiser for the Statesboro Karate After-School Program.

Jeff Howell making progress

Jeff is editing his dissertation rough draft.  He turned in a newly revised chapter this week.

Jeff Edgens Academic and Community Involvement

Jeff Edgens was busy in September with a national release of his article – “FDA Seeks To Roll the Cigar Industry” about the new regulatory powers of the agency and the regulatory implications for the premium cigar retailers across the country  – published at
AND  on September 22, he was invited to speak before the Bartow County GOP on the “EPA, Environmental Regulations and Agenda 21.”

He’s also been active serving the Ogeechee District of the Boy Scouts of America as unit commissioner.