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Simmons to present at conference

Simmons to present at conference

by Elizabeth Gilmer | December 03, 2012
Last Edited: December 03, 2012 by Elizabeth Gilmer
Simmons to present at conference

Simmons to Present at Education Conferences

Amelia J. Simmons, instructor of English and Reading at East Georgia State College, will present her paper entitled Variations In Language: Teaching Within the Confines of Black English in Rural Georgia, at the 2013 Maui International Education Conference to be held January 3-5. Based on the decision of the reviewers and the recommendation of the conference chair, Dr. Ronald C. Clute, Simmons will give an oral presentation on her research. The decision to accept Simmon’s submission to the conference was based on a peer review process. Other than a small stipend from the EGSC Foundation, Simmons is paying her own expenses to the conference.
Her paper, Variations In Language: Teaching Within the Confines of Black English In Rural Georgia, describes how the identification of linguistic differences in Black English helped eradicate the language barrier in a rural Georgia classroom and enhanced the communication between the teacher and the students. Simmons paper has also been accepted for presentation at the 11th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education to be held from January 6-9, in Honolulu, Hawaii. 
Simmons has been an Instructor of English and Reading at EGSC since 2011. She has served for twelve years as an educator of students on the secondary and post-secondary levels. Her first ten years of teaching was spent serving as an English teacher at Burke County High School. Simmons research interests include issues related to teaching through the use of instructional strategies; linguistic variations in the rural South; African American literature and its role within the classroom; the survival of Greek Mythology in our youth; and the great symbolism embedded in American Literature classics. She is the daughter of Thad and Diane Simmons of Statesboro. Her father works in Statesboro at GH Tool and Mold. She was the 1997 Valedictorian of Bulloch Academy and the 2001 Summa Cum Laude graduate of Georgia Southern University.