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Record Number Graduate May 8th

Record Number Graduate May 8th

by Elizabeth Gilmer | May 13, 2015
Last Edited: September 26, 2015 by Norma Kennedy
Record Number Graduate May 8th

Spring Commencement Ceremonies at East Georgia State College were held on Friday, May 8, 2015 at 7 p.m.  in the EGSC Gymnasium of the Physical Education Center. One hundred sixteen students received their associate degree and two received their Bachelor’s Degree in Biology.   This marks the largest graduating class in the history at EGSC. 
Dr. Robert G. Boehmer, president of East Georgia State College, presided over the ceremony. Dr. Tim Goodman presented the candidates for graduation.   The commencement speaker was Senator Jack Hill, Georgia Senate District 4.  The alumni speaker was Kristin Cannady Hall, Emanuel County Clerk of Court and 2007 EGSC Graduate.  The student speaker was Allison Durden, current Miss EGSC.  Mr. Gilbert Westberry, Minister of Music at First Baptist Church of Swainsboro and part time EGSC music instructor, provided the invocation and led the Alma Mater.  Malaikia Brantley, one of the evening’s graduates, performed God Bless America.  Mrs. Susan Westberry was the pianist. 
A memorial candle signified the remembrance of those in the EGSC family who are close in our hearts, yet no longer with us.
Senator Hill provided words of inspiration to the students, encouraging them to commit and engage in their communities.  He recounted many milestones in the history of EGSC and told the students to be proud of their connection to the college and take seriously the opportunity they had ahead of them. Senator Hill and Senator Jesse Stone, along with Representative Butch Parrish, the speaker at Fall Commencement, have been a crucial part of the past and present at EGSC.  According to President Boehmer, “We consider our legislative delegation to be one of the best in the capitol.  Without their constant support and action, we would not be breaking ground on new residential housing and anticipating our academic building expansion.  They clearly see the vision of opportunity that EGSC brings to the region.   
EGSC students earning the Associate of Arts Degree are:
Alexander Kelley Alley, Areli P. Alvares, Mariela Alvarez, Taylor Faith Babb, Brenda Louise Bacon, Edgar Owen Battiste, Ashley Batton, Brittany S. Bell, Victoria K. Braddy, Deondria Brantley, Ma'Laikia De'Shawn Brantley, Joseph Brown, Jasmine Lakia Brundidge, Dallas Bryson, Albert Callwood, Kathy E. Carpenter, Tylicia Cheeks, Justin Conway-Staley, Travis Copeland, Dustin B. Coursey, Keyatta Michelle Crittenden, Sean Cuyler, Cashmere B. Davis, LaJanae Davis, Devin Dekle, Justin T. Dukes, Preshonda Janay Dupree, Kayla Jina Easley, Whitney Carter Farrow, Stephen Ferntheil, Jennifer Alicia Fields, Lucas Frink, Shanna Green, Charles William Gutzmer, Jenna Hardee, Kimberly Haskins, Michael J. Hatzisavvas, Tierney Haythe, Whitney Sloan Heath, Kaitlynn Ann Hester, Lonza L. Hightower, Cyairra Hill, Tabitha Hopkins, Archie Howell John Humphrey, Anna R. Hutcheson, Christi L. Hutchings, Anna Jackson, Hayley Jackson, Jerusha James, Laura Kathryn Johnson, Tondric Johnson, Kristin Jolin, Brittany Joy, Arkedus "Kedo" Kelly, Daniel Luke Kennedy, Melissa Kirby, Alan Watson Lark, Keamoney Locke, Richard Lovelady, Anthony Lovett, Witalij Martynow, Jessica Morgan McCord, Jaleesa Sloane McCray, Lindsay Nicole McElroy, Noah M. McGowan, Emily Margaret Mizell, Brandon Morgan, Sha'Quana Myers, Hayden T. Neese, Nicollette M. Newton, Sabrina Paige Ogletree, Bianca Jalisa O'Neal, Janique T. Owens, Joseph Oxenreider, Amanda M. Parker, Megan Mimbs Parrish, Adam K. Patrick, Kaleb Ryan Perry, Morgan Pickett, Loran Coley Pope, Whitney D. Pope, Blake Pulliam, Jasmine Reese, Shantea Denita Reeves, Danielle Rheaume, Rontavis DeSean Rich, Ivy James Roberson, Timothy Roszell, Ronnie Dylan Royal, Summerjoy S. S. Scott, Ethan Sewell, Shakira Simmons, Ashley Charnae Smith, Jaynelle Smith, Kerry Snyder, Chandler Richard Starling, Barri K. Stevens, Cenitra Stevenson, Kelly Lynn Sutherland, Ashleigh Lynn Sutton, Amanda R. Tanner, Sophia K. Tarver, Megan Toole, Hope Briana Tyson, De'Angela C. Veal, David Austin Wade, Rebecca Hudson Warren, Garrett Dennis Waters, Tommy Way, Kayla Marie Waycaster, Mark David Wilkerson, Andrew Jordan Williams, Tara Egan Williams, Jeremy Wohlgemuth, Angela J. Wolff, Shanae Cierra Youmans.
EGSC students earning the Bachelor of Science Degree are:
Joshua B. Herndon and Spencer W. Salter

Rebekah Crews was the student marshal for the ceremony. The ushers were: William Rudy Kaht, IV, A’Mad Meshach Ogletree, Brooke Ashley Nusall, Kelli Lane Kirby, Sarah Beth Cates, Ashley Maria Francis, Caitlan Elizabeth Coleman, Keshon Jenise Hinkins, Gabrielle Presley Hudson, Arielle Rhea-Lynn Griffin, Jonpaul Bruner and Amriah Nicole Riley. Ushers serving at the ceremony are East Georgia State College Ambassadors, who are committed to promoting pride in the college and interest in the various programs available to students at East Georgia State College.

Following the commencement, celebratory balloons were released honoring the graduates as they recessed through a corridor of faculty and staff.  Student Life then hosted a reception honoring the graduates and their families.