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Professors represent EGSC at Georgia Sociological Association

Professors represent EGSC at Georgia Sociological Association

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Professors represent EGSC at Georgia Sociological Association

   Four East Georgia State College professors, David Altamirano, Brittany L. Current, David L. Strickland, and Harry L. Vogel, attended the 2015 Annual meetings of the Georgia Sociological Association in October. The meetings, held at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel, marked fifty years since the first meeting of the organization and centered around the theme, “50 Years of Building Bridges: GSA’s Legacy and Future of Crossing Divides.” The Georgia Sociological Association is an organization of academic and applied professional sociologists and students. The organization aims are to stimulate and improve research, teaching, and discussion and to encourage community service and cooperative relations among persons in the State of Georgia engaged in the scientific study of society and culture. The 2015 conference included a wide variety of interesting research papers, panels, and workshops from students and faculty across the state including presentations from EGSC professors.
   Dr. Harry L. Vogel presented a paper that he co-authored with EGSC Deal Lee Cheek called “A Path to Utopia in Modern Societies: An Examination of Erik Wright’s Thesis.” Dr. Vogel’s presentation offered a review and analysis of the work of former American Sociological Association president and influential modern theorist Dr. Erik Wright on the topic of the creation of social utopias. Vogel’s presentation deconstructed the theoretical components of Wright’s work on utopias, as well his assumptions on society, the state, and political economy. Vogel then compared Dr. Wright’s scholarship to those who have also critiqued how a utopian society would operate (particularly the writings of Sir Thomas More, Thomas Molnar, Eric von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, and Karl Mannheim) from historical, sociological, and political perspectives. Finally, Vogel examined the theoretical “usefulness” and originality of Wright’s blueprint for “reforming” capitalist societies into utopian societies and delineated the feasibility, as well as the limitations, of the model for transforming modern societies into utopias. Dr. Vogel teaches sociology at the Statesboro campus of EGSC.
   Criminology professor Brittany L. Current presented on the topic, “What’s Your Privilege?” Professor Current provided a brief background of the concept of ethno-privilege by referencing some of the major works that outline the nature of White privilege. Secondly, she presented evidence of global ethno- privilege by referring to the relationship between the East and the West, Africa versus the West, and Blacks versus non-blacks to establish the trends in ethno-cultural privilege. Her presentation also addressed the shifts in ethno-cultural privilege to establish the diminishing Anglo-privilege. Current teaches courses within the criminal justice program at EGSC.
   At the Business Lunch and Awards Ceremony, David L. Strickland was elected to the executive board of the Georgia Sociological Association. He was assigned responsibilities concerning applied and clinical sociology for the GSA board and will design the Applied Sociology Workshop for the 2016 conference. Strickland teaches sociology courses at EGSC and is also the Director of Student Success.

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