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Professor Roger Byrd Named to Civic Engagement Post

Professor Roger Byrd Named to Civic Engagement Post

by Elizabeth Gilmer | January 12, 2015
Last Edited: May 06, 2015 by Norma Kennedy
Professor Roger Byrd Named to Civic Engagement Post

The Board of Managers of the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia has unanimously named EGSC Professor of Political Science Roger Byrd to the Board of Directors of the Civic Affairs Foundation.  ACCG, Georgia's county association, believes that government is most effective when citizens understand its role and function and are involved in the community. For these reasons, the Association established the Civic Affairs Foundation in 2006 in order to foster civic engagement and increase public awareness of the role and value of county government programs and services.

The need in America for this work is acute as citizens grow increasingly distant from their own government and lose recognition of the critical roles they play in contributing to a healthy and civil society.
ACCG Civic Affairs Foundation programs provide a variety of civic engagement experiences for students across Georgia from high school through graduate school. These programs offer students a chance to learn practice-based lessons about where they live and how they can make a difference in their communities through public service.

In making the announcement ACCG Executive Director Ross King said “We are thrilled to have Professor Roger Byrd join this vitally important Foundation Board and look forward to his active participation.”