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by Elizabeth Gilmer | October 16, 2012
Last Edited: October 19, 2012 by Elizabeth Gilmer
Math/Science News

From Glenn Stracher: I have been working on this enormous coal and peat-fires research project for over eight years, gathering information for it from all over the world.  I built it myself from scratch -- starting from nothing.  No work like this has ever been done and published.  It is a totally new contribution to science.

The entire four-volume sequence is publishing in full color and in both hard-cover editions and as e-books.  The EGSC library is getting a copy of each hard-cover edition, as they become available.

Volume 2 published and was released for sale in the United Kingdom this September.  It will be available in the United States this October.  Volume 2 is 564 pages long.  Volume 1, which published in November of 2010, is 357 pages long.

I am editor-in-chief of the project and invited some top-notch scientists to serves as co-editors; they accepted.  My co-editor, Dr. Anupma Prakash (from India), is a Professor of Geophysics and Geology at the University of Alaska- Fairbanks.  She visited EGSC a couple of years ago.  My co-editor Ellina Sokol is a distinguished research scientist at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Novosibirsk, Siberia.  I met Ellina some years ago in Denver, Colorado during a coal-fires symposium that I organized and led for the Geological Society of America.  For the fourth volume, there will be a guest co-editor, Dr. Guillermo Rein (from Spain), Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Imperial College of London, England and The University of Edinburgh, Scotland.  Dr. Rudiger Gens (from Germany) is a GIS Engineer at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks, and he developed the interactive online world map of coal and peat fires available with the book.

People can read more about the book, my work, and the co-editors by following this link and scrolling down -- where they will also see photographs of each of us:

By following the links at the top of the page for the above URL, they can find additional information about the four-volume book and the project itself.

A number of former EGSC students will have presentations published on line on a large multi-media web site that Elsevier is designing to accompany the four-volume book.  Each student's name is listed in the Table of Contents inside the front cover of Volume 2.  The web site will also include peer-reviewed on line publications, coal and peat-fires movies, radio-talk shows, presentations given at professional meetings, hundreds of color photos, gas and mineral data banks for use by scientists for their research, and much more.

My EGSC student and lab assistant, Chelsea Faircloth, assisted me this past summer with photo proofing for Volume 2.  Chelsea's assistance is mentioned on the "Acknowledgments" page inside the front cover of this volume.

In addition to the numerous chapters and hundreds of pages I authored for each Volume, EGSC Professor Yelena White and I co-authored a chapter in Volume 2 (along with scientists from Israel, Kazakhstan, and Russia), about Kazakhstan's mud volcanoes and the associated hydrocarbon combustion.

If you look at the front cover of Volume 2 in the attached pdf file, the top (long) photo is a snapshot from Waycross, Georgia of the Okefenokee peat fire that burned from April to July 2007.  That summer, smoke from the fire could be seen here in Swainsboro.   I saw the smoke from campus one day after summer school class.  A similar fire broke out in an ancient peat bog in Hinesville, Georgia last year.  I am planning to undertake an investigation of the Hinesville fire and ancient fires at Okefenokee once the four-volume set is completed.  I am now working on Volumes 3 and 4 and hope to have these completed around the end of 2013. 


Stay Tuned for more information on the books and Dr. Stracher.