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Instagram Scavenger Hunt is a Major Success

Instagram Scavenger Hunt is a Major Success

by Elizabeth Gilmer | March 07, 2013
Last Edited: October 01, 2013 by Victor Poole
Instagram Scavenger Hunt is a Major Success

  The First Annual Photo Instagram Scavenger Hunt was held for East Georgia State College students on March 2 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. It was a huge success, as students visited Downtown Swainsboro businesses and historical sites. They photographed these places and objects based on a theme and location list that was provided by Art Professor Desmal Purcell. The event included transportation to the Downtown area, as well as prizes, hotdogs and s'mores cookout, entertainment, and awards.

   The scavenger hunt was sponsored by Buckley and Associates and transportation was provided by Schwabe Motors. Each student used their smartphones to capture photos using the Instagram application. The group team winners were Allan Beck, Raven Hudson, Sherri Brantley and Jed Collum. The winner of the iPod Touch (fifth generation) for most creative and best in show was Raven Hudson. The People's Choice award and an iPod Shuffle was presented to Tashima Carlyle. The complete winners list is as follows:

Honorable Mentions:

Marco Montes, Joey Lewis(2), Jed Collum, Allan Beck, Tashima Carlyle, Amber Amerson

Most Creative Interpretation:

Jed Collum(2), Savannah Parker, Raefeal Roundtree, Raven Hudson, Sherri Brantley, Joey Lewis, Brandon Frye, Nikki Skipper (2) 


The photographs will be featured in a gallery exhibition in the on-campus art gallery beginning March 7.  A reception will be held on that date from 6-8 pm.