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Fulford Center

Fulford Center

by Elizabeth Gilmer | October 16, 2012
Last Edited: September 23, 2014 by Elizabeth Gilmer
Fulford Center


Ada Lee Correll, Lifetime Member
Elizabeth Kraus, Emanuel County Institute Counselor
Betsy Johnson, Community Representative; Retired Educator
Courtney Joiner, EGSC Social Science Assistant Professor
Karen Jones, EGSC Director of Financial Aid
Norma Kennedy, EGSC Director of Marketing and Community Relations
Bill Rogers, Jr., President and CEO, Swainsboro/Emanuel Co. Chamber of Commerce
Jean Schwabe, Fulford Center Director
Susan Stephens, Emanuel County Schools Parent Involvement Coordinator
Mike Strobridge, Chief, Swainsboro Fire Department
Tammy Wilkes, Emanuel County Schools Assistant Superintendent

The Sudie A. Fulford Community Learning Center Advisory Board assists in the development and advancement of the Fulford Center’s programs and provides support as a continuing advisory group. The Board serves in an advisory capacity and is used to provide counsel and advice as needed.

The primary role of the Board is to provide guidance and advice in the planning, communication, and basic oversight of the Sudie A. Fulford Community Learning Center. Members provide a community and/or education perspective on various activities and functions of the Center.

Responsibilities assigned to the Board may include any or all of the
• Serve as a communication link between the Sudie A. Fulford
      Community Learning Center and the community providing
      information regarding  course offerings, instructional
      materials, and facilities;

• Identify community resources which may support development of
      programs at the Fulford Center;
• Provide advice concerning the design and plans for programs
      at the Fulford Center;
• Assist in promoting programs offered by the Fulford Center to the professional community and to the public;
• Help to maintain a positive image of the Fulford Center in the community;
• Help create policies which provide direction and support for the
Fulford Center.
The Sudie A. Fulford Community Learning Center has three primary
1. EDUCATION-provide access to enrichment/remedial activities;
2. CIVIC ENGAGEMENT-foster relationships among community
  in order to strengthen the community;
3. HOSPITALITY-provide a welcoming environment for interaction among
students, teachers, community and East Georgia College faculty
and staff.

Over 200 people took part in the Fulford Center’s 2nd Annual Family Astronomy Night held September 13.  Participants enjoyed a variety of activity stations including NASA interactive computer activities, making a planisphere, astronomy bingo, and children’s astronomy storytelling.  Several planetarium shows were provided, and despite the cloud cover outside, Max McKelvey, Oatland Island Education Center instructor and astronomy buff, provided an entertaining and informative indoor show within the Fulford Planetarium.


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