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EGSC Students Present At Georgia Academy of Science

EGSC Students Present At Georgia Academy of Science

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EGSC Students Present At Georgia Academy of Science

EGSC Students Present at Georgia Academy of Science

                Three East Georgia State College Senior Biology majors, Regan Phillips, Cody Osting, and Will Adams recently presented papers during the Georgia Academy of Science Conference in Augusta, Georgia.
  Under the leadership EGSC’s Chair of the Biology Department, Dr. Jim Wedincamp and EGSC Associate Professor of Biology, Dr. Breana Simmons, the students gained valuable experience and contributed useful research in their respective areas of study.

               The first paper was entitled, ECTOPARASITES OF THE WHITE-TAILED DEER (ODOCOILEUS VIRGINIANUS) IN SOUTHEAST GEORGIA, Willie Lee Adams, Jr. and Jim Wedincamp, Jr. In this study, Adams described the parasites of white-tail deer and reported significant differences in the number of ticks between male and female deer.

  The second paper was entitled  TORTOISE POPULATION PERSISTENCE: 10 YEARS POST CONSTRUCTION, Cody Osting, Regan Phillips, B.Simmons, J. Wedincamp, Jr. and J. McGuire. In their research, Osting and Regan compared current tortoise population and habitat quality on property near East Georgia State College to data collected in the same area in 2003.

Organized in 1922 and incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1953, the Georgia Academy of Science continues to grow in size and academic strength. The interests of Academy members encompass all aspects of science and that interest is expressed through their participation in one or more of the eight GAS sections that include Biological Science, Chemistry, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Physics Math, Computer Science, Engineering & Technology, and Biomedical Sciences.

•             Philosophy & History of Science
•             Science Education
•             Anthropology

The Academy is dedicated to the promotion of science education and the fostering of scientific research in the state of Georgia. To that end we hold scientific meetings that emphasize the presentation of undergraduate and graduate research. The Georgia Academy of Science also sponsors science competitions at the elementary and undergraduate levels, and supports K12 and P16 initiatives in integrating and improving science education throughout the formal learning experience of students in Georgia.

Photo Caption: Left to right: Dr. Breana Simmons, Regan Phillips (senior biology major), Cody Osting (senior biology major), Will Adams (senior biology major), and Dr. Jim Wedincamp.