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POSTPONED - Adult Spelling Bee

POSTPONED - Adult Spelling Bee

by Elizabeth Gilmer | March 01, 2017
Last Edited: March 29, 2017 by Katelyn Moore
POSTPONED - Adult Spelling Bee



Adult Spelling Bee for Relay for Life

April 8, 2017 - Registration at 9 AM, Event begins at 10 AM - Gambrell Center Auditorium, East Georgia State College

Rules and Information

Ages 16 and up eligible to participate.

Cost $20 per person, $60 per team --- you can get sponsors to cover your cost and name your team based on your sponsor. 

• 3 people per team. Set up in rounds of four teams per round.  You can register an entire team or register individually and be randomly assigned to a team.
• M.C. pronounces word, gives word definition, uses word in sentence, and pronounces word again. Teams may ask for one additional pronunciation.
• Each team has 30 seconds to confer using pre-distributed white boards. When time is called, a team representative will pronounce the word, spell it aloud and pronounce it again. Judges will indicate if the word is correct.
• One misspelled word in a round results in elimination. Judges are final arbiters in all cases. **
• Round ends when all but one team is eliminated. Winners advance to championship round. In cases where all remaining teams are eliminated by the same word, another word is called until just one team spells it correctly.
• Championship round format is same as previous rounds, proceeding until all but one team is eliminated, the team surviving being declared champion and winning the trophy.
• Words are taken from the official Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee Paideia Dictionary, available at the National Spelling Bee Website.

**Each participant can buy up to 2 "mulligans" at $5 each, allowing them one misspelled word per mulligan.  This can save your team elimination if you have it!

Registration will be allowed on the date of the event beginning at 9 AM.

Teams are allowed to choose themes and dress in costume if desired.

For more information,  contact Elizabeth Gilmer at 478-289-2037 or