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EGSC holds Spring Commencement Ceremony

EGSC holds Spring Commencement Ceremony

by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) | May 14, 2018
Last Edited: May 22, 2018 by Katelyn Moore
EGSC holds Spring Commencement Ceremony

   On Friday, May 4, 2018, East Georgia State College held their Spring Commencement Ceremony, seeing 143 students cross the stage to receive their degrees. For the first time, the ceremony was split into Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degree recipients, with 128 students receiving their Associate of Arts Degree, 13 receiving their Associate of Science Degree, and two students receiving their CHOICE Program Certificate of Accomplishment in Work Readiness Skills.
   Alumni speaker Sara Young told graduates, “This was the beginning for me, and, tonight, this is the beginning for you. Today, you have proved that you made the right decision to come to East Georgia State College.” She went on to say, “Follow your passion, chase your dreams, and just do it. I wish you all nothing but success, best wishes, and please come back and visit us at East Georgia State College. You are full of greatness and excellence, and now it is time to go and be great.”
   Student Speaker and SGA President Krystal Perry said to graduates, “This is the start of your journey. Looking forward, remember that each and every one of you are destined for greatness no matter who speaks against your goals. Your greatness is instilled within you, but it’s up to you to make use of it.”
   Commencement Speaker and EGSC Foundation Chairman Denny Key then addressed graduates, sharing his theme of foundations. “Whether they relate to buildings, learning, theology, your family, or your life, foundations are the base upon which everything else is dependent upon. When it comes to our lives, sometimes we want to skimp on those ingredients that we put into our foundation—the foundation that you’re laying for your life. Don’t skimp. Be certain that the life you are building is worthy of the foundation that you have worked so hard to lay. Don’t put a two-story shack on your 50-story foundation. You’ve worked much too hard for that. Ask if what you’re doing in your day to day life is working to weaken or strengthen your foundation. Build a life worthy of the foundation you’ve laid. In your life, remember that it is not about you; it is also about the people around you—the people you touch, the people you impact, the people you influence, the people you love and the people that love you. Simply put, care for others and help them build and fortify their foundations.”
   Students earning their Associate of Arts Degree were Ross C. Aldrich, Taylor M. Allen, Ivan J. Aquino, Tia A. Avery, Diamond D. Bath, Phillip P. Booker, Jordan D. Boyd, Mark D. Brimberry, Jarvis D. Britt, LaCandis S. Brown, Jevon W. Bryant, Jasmine L. Calhoun, Jocelyn A. Carroll, Miguel A. Cortinas, Hunter W. Damron, Rachael M. Daniels, Sawyer N. Davis, Perri R. Deal, Carlie L. Dixon, Semetrius L. Dixon, Ayanna C. Dobson, Jasmine S. Fann, Dajon E. Felton, Kelsey L. Fleming, Bethaney E. Fortner, Logan H. Fowler, Seth A. Frew, Trinity Y. Fussell, Sierra A. Garnett, Jaelyn D. Gillis, Tiffani L. Gordon, Kiayhna S. Hall, Kohlton T. Hamann, Teyundra M. Hamilton, Mikella B. Hansley, Kierra N. Hawkins, Alan D. Haywood, Dysha M. Hendrix, Megan N. Henning, Kara M. Henry, Rebecca L. Hill, Anna P. Holland, Jameson G. Houser, Samantha M. Hrabie, Brianna S. Hurst, Artem S. Ishkov, Sarah E. Janiak-Brown, Abigail L. Johnson, Marcasia A. Johnson, Prosper R. Johnson, Leari-Jenee T. Jones, Ny'Tavia J. Jones, Summer L. Jones, Demory J. Kane, Kristan A. Kersey, Allison E. Kieffer, Libbi T. Lance, Claire E. Lanier, Bonnie D. Laufer, Kaitlyn A. Leasure, JerQuale M. Lee, Fredrick B. Lewis, Lestonz M. Lewis, Tanekque I. Lewis, Taylor J. Long, Miaya J. Lundy, Ansley A. Malone, Ian H. Marchinton, Todd T. May, Aandia L. Mayhew, Lillian A. McBroom, Brooke A. McCullough, Chandler A. McMillan, Robyn S. Meeks, Zackary G. Miller, Adrianna L. Minton, Jose G. Narvaez, Emily S. Nipper, Sarah K. Olivarez, Debra Osborn, Abby A. Owens, Hannah E. Owens, Tyler R. Owens, Alyssa C. Padlo, Mansi A. Pandya, Denton R. Parker, Krishna V. Patel, Sawan P. Patel, Alejandro Pech, Chelby A. Pemberton, Cassandra E. Presas, Dillion J. Price, Kenye B. Pryor, Jackson T. Raley, Makaylee G. Randolph, Chiquita S. Reese, Thomas V. Rhodes, Sandra D. Rice, Caleb D. Rich, Angelica S. Robertson, Janet Sanchez, Meshia D. Sanders, Hannon D. Shepard, Laina N. Skrine, Jasmine A. Smart, Briana R. Smith, Makaylia S. Stallworth, Rigsby T. Stewart, Rebecca A. Strohmetz, Joseph J. Stuckey, Maurice D. Sutton, Shadae I. Tate, Brian Tillman, Nicholas V. Tomlin, Kayla T. Vaughner, Daniella K. Vizcaya, Bridgette M. Walker, Lawana Walker, Randell K. Waltower, Raneisha N. Waltower, Christian B. Wheeler, Ashlee E. White, James A. White, Caroline E. Williams, Mandy M. Williams, Madison E. Wimberly, Rose B. Wright and Ashlie T. Wuertley.
   Receiving their Associate of Science Degree were Whitney L. Brewer, Ray M. Clark, Craig L. Conyers, Savannah G. Freeman, Randy H. Garnto, De'Miria F. Glover, Taylor L. Lockhart, Rodrick J. Nelson, Priteshbhai B. Patel, Avery G. Phillips, Spencer A. Smith, Sasshay J. Tremble and Clayton A. Wasden.
   Brea R. Heard and Dazmon M. Passmore received their CHOICE Program Certificate of Accomplishment in Work Readiness Skills.
   Congratulations to all of our Spring 2018 graduates!

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