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Dr. H. Lee Cheek, Jr. Appointed Senior Fellow of National Public Policy Institute

Dr. H. Lee Cheek, Jr. Appointed Senior Fellow of National Public Policy Institute

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Last Edited: September 24, 2014 by Norma Kennedy
Dr. H. Lee Cheek, Jr. Appointed Senior Fellow of National Public Policy Institute

EGSC Professor appointed Senior Fellow of National Public Policy Institute

Dr. H. Lee Cheek Jr.
SWAINSBORO—East Georgia State College’s Dr. H. Lee Cheek Jr., chair of the Division of Social Sciences, has been appointed as a Senior Fellow of the Alexander Hamilton Center for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI) in Hamilton, N.Y.
AHI promotes rigorous scholarship and vigorous debate in the study of freedom, democracy, and capitalism. Its creation was inspired by the contributions of Alexander Hamilton to the founding and survival of the American Republic.
According to Dr. Robert Paquette, one of AHI’s founders, “Dr. Cheek will contribute mightily to AHI's effort to offer a rich menu of scholarly activities—lectures, colloquia, conferences, fellowships, internships, and awards—to educational institutions in upstate New York and across the country in support of scrupulous research into American history, politics, Western culture, and of reasoned conversations about them.”
The Institute’s programming centers on annual themes. Each year AHI sponsors an innovative colloquium that will bring together for intellectual exchanges senior experts in the subject under discussion and select undergraduates from multiple colleges. Paquette suggested that “Dr. Cheek was chosen as a senior fellow as the result of his vast knowledge of the Southern intellectual tradition.”
Dr. Cheek recently served as the discussion leader for an impressive national conference sponsored by the Alexander Hamilton Institute. The conference included students and faculty from Harvard University, Colgate University and Hamilton College. Paquette further noted “that with Cheek as a senior fellow, a large number of East Georgia State students will also be included in future conferences.”
Dr. Cheek’s books include Political Philosophy and Cultural Renewal (Transaction/Rutgers, 2001, with Kathy B. Cheek); Calhoun and Popular Rule, published by the University of Missouri Press (2001; paper edition, 2004); Calhoun: Selected Speeches and Writings (Regnery, 2003); Order and Legitimacy (Transaction/Rutgers, 2004); a critical edition of W. H. Mallock’s The Limits of Pure Democracy (Transaction/Rutgers, 2007); an edition of the classic study, A Theory of Public Opinion (Transaction/Rutgers, 2013); Patrick-Henry Onslow Debate: Liberty and Republicanism in American Political Thought (Lexington, 2013); and, The Founding of the American Republic (Bloomsbury, 2015). He has also published numerous journal articles in publications like the Journal of Politics, Methodist History, International Social Science Review, Hebraic Political Studies, and is a regular commentator on American politics.
Dr. Cheek lives in Vidalia with his wife, Kathy B. Cheek, who is an accomplished teacher of dance and yoga, and a choreographer.