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Dr. Chevalier Receives Research Opportunity Award

Dr. Chevalier Receives Research Opportunity Award

by Norma Kennedy | May 06, 2015
Last Edited: May 14, 2015 by Norma Kennedy
Dr. Chevalier Receives Research Opportunity Award

Dr. David Chevalier, Assistant Professor of Biology at East Georgia State College was recently awarded a Research Opportunity Award (ROA) that is part of the NSF-wide Research at Undergraduate Institutions (RUI) program. ROAs enable faculty at predominantly undergraduate institutions, including community colleges, to pursue research as visiting scientists with NSF-supported investigators at other institutions.

For two months this summer Dr. Chevalier will be working with Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Glen Borchert at the University of South Alabama. The goal of this activity is to enhance the research productivity and professional development of science faculty at undergraduate institutions through research activities that enable them to explore the emerging frontiers of science. Such research not only contributes to basic knowledge in science but also provides an opportunity to integrate research and undergraduate education.

Dr. Chevalier stated, “results from this proposal and the new skills acquired will enhance teaching at EGSC. New lab experiences for East Georgia College biology students will be designed as a result from this grant”.

Congratulations to Dr. Chevalier for his efforts to improve the teaching and learning experience for East Georgia State College biology students.