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Critical Thinking Corner

Critical Thinking Corner

by Elizabeth Gilmer | October 15, 2012
Last Edited: February 07, 2013 by Elizabeth Gilmer
Critical Thinking Corner

EGSC faculty members will be meeting with faculty members from GSU and Ogeechee Tech in order to discuss Learning to Think Things Through, a book about critical thinking and instructional design. Monday meetings will be held in the Kennedy Boardroom at OTC at 4:00 on February 25th, March 25th, and April 29th. Tuesday meetings will be held at the downtown GSU campus at 7:00 on February 26th,March 26th ,and April 30th.



Paul Cerpovicz gave an in-service presentation on the use of clickers in the classroom. ( Sept. 7th)
• Ken Homer gave an in-service presentation on the use of the Cloz technique for reading assessment.( Sept. 21st )
• Sebastian Verdis will be presenting an in-service program on the use of theater techniques in the classroom. (October 12th)
• The critical thinking Web site will be in place in October.
• Faculty champions will be meeting with members of their respective departments.
• The critical thinking logo created by Desmal Purcell will be used at our critical thinking conference

 A group of students and faculty discussed campaign finance reform and campaign advertising at our most recent Mind Matters.

Beat Bob open mic nights in Statesboro will begin on the 23rd.

Ken Homer was interviewed on Studio Statesboro as a part of a program devoted to the literacy program sponsored by the Statesboro Regional Library.