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Bobcat Villas

Bobcat Villas

by Elizabeth Gilmer | October 16, 2012
Last Edited: October 16, 2012 by Elizabeth Gilmer
Bobcat Villas

Advisement Packets were sent to each residential student last week.  These packets contained:
1. a curriculum sheet, including information for Area F in their chosen program of study
2. information about Satisfactory Academic Progress
3. information about important dates throughout the semester/year
4. information about Learning Support and CPC requirements
5. information about any holds they may have
6. their advisor’s name
7. information about MyEGSC and how to find the catalog and class listings for Spring 2013
8. information about classroom etiquette
Similar packets, with generic information, were sent to the family of these students to help them understand the process of pre-registration in order to aid their students.

Programming hosted by the Office of Housing and Residence Life in September has included video game tournaments, a pot luck dinner, card nights, trivia nights, ping pong tournaments and multiple education events, such as “Eating Healthy on a Budget,” co-sponsored by Marnie Dekle from the Candler/Emanuel Extension Office, “Code of Conduct Trivia,” and “FISH Philosophy in Every Day.”  All student activities can be seen online at 

Housing applications are being accepted for our Spring 2013 waiting list and for Summer 2013.  Remind those you come in contact with during recruiting moments that we have limited space available so they should apply early!