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An Even Match - Almost

An Even Match - Almost

by Elizabeth Gilmer | April 10, 2015
Last Edited: May 06, 2015 by Norma Kennedy
An Even Match - Almost

It was a close game.  The lead went back and forth.  The players had a great time.  The coaches were Stressed! 

AND, over 100 spectators cheered (very) loudly for their favorite team.

In the first (hopefully, annual) basketball game between the AAMI groups from Statesboro and Swainsboro, the Swainsboro team prevailed 63-61.   Even though Swainsboro may have "bragging" rights this year, the game accomplished it's mission.  The group members had wanted to do something to bring them together and help further establish their "bond of brotherhood."  This game went a long way in helping to reach their goal.  AAMI continues to be a positive force in the retention, progression and graduation of our African American Male students.

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