Wellness Wednesdays…A New Tool for Student Success

Wellness Wednesdays…A New Tool for Student Success

by Norma Kennedy | August 05, 2012
Last Edited: March 20, 2013 by Norma Kennedy
Wellness Wednesdays…A New Tool for Student Success

Beginning this fall, East Georgia State College will implement a comprehensive college success program that enables all its students to achieve their academic goals with minimum delay and expense. This goal has always been at the heart of the mission of the college and these new initiatives will only serve to enhance and enrich the student’s experience in higher education at EGSC.

In order to transition smoothly into college and work toward their academic goals, it is vital that a student function at their optimal level. This is important not only for the student but for the faculty and staff as well.  To offer the resources necessary to accomplish this, the EGSC Student Life Division is offering a series of programming called “Wellness Wednesdays.” 

Each Wednesday a topic will be promoted through various events.  Some examples of these include games, assembly presentations, guest lecturers, informational brochures and giveaways.  The schedule for the fall semester includes the following monthly themes; August Sun Safety, Sexually Responsible September, Active October, Nutritious November and De-Stress December.

The programming will continue in the spring with a new set of topics to help the EGSC community be the best they can be.  Vicki Sherrod, director of student life at EGSC, stated, “Wellness is defined as not only physical health.  It is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more successful existence.  We are taking an active role in this process through the Wellness Wednesday program.” 

EGSC is proud to partner with the UGA Cooperative Extension Service Department of Family and Consumer Sciences and the Emanuel Medical Center to develop and promote the series.  For more information, contact Ms. Sherrod at 478-289-2105 or at