Questions about Campus Carry/HB 280?

Questions about Campus Carry/HB 280?

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Last Edited: September 27, 2017 by Katelyn Moore
Questions about Campus Carry/HB 280?

   Do you have questions about Campus Carry, also known as House Bill 280? East Georgia State College has created a webpage, located at, with all of the information on HB 280 and its implementation. Also included is a short video provided by the University System of Georgia that outlines the regulations of HB 280 in an easy to understand format.
   Please take a few moments to visit the webpage and view the video. It provides a helpful and simplified overview of the legislation.
   It is the responsibility of license holders who choose to carry handguns on campus to know the law and to understand where they can go on campus while carrying. Students, faculty and staff should not attempt to monitor or enforce compliance. Only the EGSC Police Department’s officers are responsible for enforcing the law.
   EGSC is committed to keeping all informed of any new updates, and pledges to work together to thoughtfully address any issues that may arise. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact EGSC’s Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety, Wiley Gammon, at or 478-289-2119.

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