Online Auction to Benefit EGSC Foundation

Online Auction to Benefit EGSC Foundation

by Elizabeth Gilmer | December 11, 2012
Last Edited: June 08, 2016 by Victor Poole
Online Auction to Benefit EGSC Foundation

Click here to bid.  Funds raised from this auction will be used to support the college through scholarship and other development projects.  Bid as often as you wish.  The tickets will be mailed on Friday, December 21 to the person with the highest bid as of 12 noon. Tickets must be paid for by check, credit or debit card prior to mailing. You may pick up the tickets by 5 pm on 12/21/12 if you wish.   If by some chance, there is a tie for the highest bid amount, a drawing will be held from the names of the highest bidders.  This space will be updated regularly with the highest bid amount -- check the EGSC news section for "Auction Information"   ---- If you need further information, please call Elizabeth Gilmer, Director of External Affairs at 478-289-2037. Thanks again for your support. 

By the way, this will be the view from your seats -- regular price of $160 each -- minimum opening bid of $20 for both. 

Update as of 2 pm --- Wednesday 12/19 -- current high bid $300