Message to the EGSC Community

Message to the EGSC Community

by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) | June 09, 2020
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Dear friends of East Georgia State College,

Addition to Student Center on Swainsboro Campus
   The addition to the Jean Anderson Morgan Student Center on the Swainsboro campus is complete. I thought you would want to see the interior space. Please click on the link below for a brief tour:

Update on the College’s Return to Campus Plans
   As I mentioned last week, the college has prepared two detailed plans: one for the return to campus of faculty and staff this summer; and another for our highly anticipated return to normal operations this fall. The initial return to campus plan is now available on the college’s website:
   The plan for return to normal operations in fall will be posted to the same site as soon as it has been reviewed by the University System of Georgia.
   A key component of both plans is the role of personal responsibility by all members of the college community: faculty, staff, students and visitors to our campuses. As an example, think for a moment about my personal responsibility to each of you. Joyce and I will be visiting our daughters, son-in-law and grandsons in Oregon soon. We will fly to Portland from Savannah. When we return to campus we will, hopefully, have stayed safe and healthy as we have walked through the airports of Savannah, Atlanta and Portland. But we all know that navigating those airports and the planes and those cities will bring us in contact with a lot of people. That means I have a high level of responsibility to each of you to socially distance on campus, to wash hands frequently, to use the hand sanitizer stations regularly and to wear a protective face covering whenever social distancing is not possible. I owe it to every one of you to protect your health and the health of those you will encounter, like your family when you go home to visit, to do this.
   In the video I shared with you last week, I wore a protective face covering, even though I was outside, to demonstrate the type of situation in which I would choose to wear a face covering – sitting at a table where others are likely to join me in close proximity. I will keep one in my pocket at all times out of respect for you – out of a sense of personal responsibility. I hope that, when you come to campus this fall, you will bring your protective face covering to use when needed to protect others on campus.

Stay healthy and safe.

   Bob Boehmer
   East Georgia State College