Message to the EGSC Community

Message to the EGSC Community

by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) | June 01, 2020
Last Edited: June 01, 2020 by Katelyn Moore

Dear friends of East Georgia State College,
   As each of you recalls vividly, in mid-March 2020 the University System of Georgia (USG) directed all 26 USG institutions to transition to fully online delivery of educational programs. This directive was given to protect the health and safety of faculty, staff and students as the COVID-19 pandemic intensified. EGSC carried out that transition successfully including a virtual Honors Night and Commencement. Since mid-March, most EGSC employees have been telecommuting --- teaching classes, processing applications for admission, registering students and carrying out all of the other activities necessary to keep the college running smoothly. They have done an outstanding job!
   More recently, the USG directed all USG institutions to submit a plan for the initial summer 2020 return to campus of faculty and staff. EGSC submitted its plan. EGSC’s plan was crafted by 11 subcommittees made up of EGSC personnel. The plan provides for a gradual and staggered return to campus of faculty and staff to campus over the course of summer 2020 with the intent to commence normal operations at the beginning of fall semester 2020.
   EGSC is now implementing that plan for the initial return to campus of faculty and staff.  Some elements of our spring 2020 plan will remain as we implement this summer 2020 plan. For example, the EGSC police will remain at the main entry at both Swainsboro and Statesboro. Only authorized EGSC employees and individuals with a specific need to be on campus and an appointment will be permitted on campus.
   Everyone who is on campus this summer to work or to meet with an EGSC employee will be expected to follow procedures designed to keep all of us healthy and safe. Wearing a protective facial covering whenever socially distancing is not possible will be strongly encouraged. Compliance with social distancing standards will be required. We will continue to conduct meetings via Zoom or telephone whenever possible.
   All of this is, of course, designed to assure that our community remains as healthy and safe as possible. I thought you would want to know that we are taking this responsibility with the highest level of seriousness and care.
   You should also know that the USG has directed each USG institution to submit a detailed and extensive fall 2020 return to campus plan. EGSC has done that. As soon as we have feedback from the USG, I will update you about that fall plan.
   Until then, please stay safe and healthy.

   Bob Boehmer
   East Georgia State College