Message to EGSC Students

Message to EGSC Students

by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) | July 21, 2020
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Dear EGSC students,

   Returning to Campus Safely at EGSC
   Please check out this video about returning to campus safely this fall. As I told you in last week’s letter, protective face coverings will be mandatory this fall inside campus buildings. This video is designed to help all of us understand how this important new protective measure will be implemented on campus this fall (choose Ctrl/Enter on link below to view video): Returning to Campus Safely at EGSC
   What Type of a Protective Face Covering is Appropriate at EGSC This Fall?
   Since face coverings are required to keep all of us healthy and safe, you are likely asking, “What type of a face covering is appropriate?”
   A protective face covering is appropriate if it covers both the mouth and nose of the individual, fits over the chin, fits snugly against the sides of the face, is securely attached to the individuals face, is made of cloth or other tightly woven fibers or similar materials, and significantly limits the aerial transmission of respiratory droplets from the wearer’s mouth or nasal cavities to others in close proximity to the wearer.
   Protective Face Coverings for Students, Faculty and Staff
   Private donations have made it possible to provide each student with a protective face covering with an EGSC logo at the beginning of fall 2020!

   Please remember that your protective face coverings need to be laundered regularly. It is everyone’s individual responsibility to launder their own face covering regularly and provide replacement protective face coverings as they wear out.
   The college has, however, acquired a limited replacement supply of face coverings and will make these available on a staggered basis throughout fall semester. This supply will not be large enough to meet everyone’s needs as face coverings wear out and need to be replaced. Please remember that you will need your own supply of face coverings in addition to this college supply.
   Emergency Grants under CARES Act Available this Fall for Some Students
   EGSC received CARES Act funding to provide emergency grants to EGSC students whose education was disrupted by the transition to on-line learning due to COVID-19. Funds are currently available to eligible returning students for FALL 2020.  The total EGSC student emergency grant fund consists of $308,847 from CARES Act II and approximately $85,000 from CARES Act I.  Eligible students must meet ALL criteria: the student received an emergency grant in Spring 2020 and re-enrolled for Fall 2020 and/ or student that will receive an emergency grant in Summer 2020 and re-enrolled for Fall 2020; be Title IV eligible for Fall 2020, have a FAFSA on file for Fall 2020 by August 31, 2020, enrolled in Fall 2020 for at least 4 credit hours. More information on award amounts, credit hours and exclusions can be found here.
   Please stay healthy and safe.

   Bob Boehmer
   East Georgia State College