Mack to display works at AAMI Black History Month Art Show

Mack to display works at AAMI Black History Month Art Show

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Mack to display works at AAMI Black History Month Art Show

   East Georgia State College’s African-American Male Initiative will host a Black History Month Art Show on Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017 from 2 – 4 p.m. in the Luck F. Gambrell Center Rotunda. The show will feature works by Alex Mack, also known by his Instagram handle of @ApHropaintbrush.
   Mack completed a dual bachelor’s degree program unrelated to art, but, once the degrees were attained, sharing and understanding the importance of creativity was re-established as a pillar in his life. Working hard to build his skill, this self-taught artist has, in a few short years, gained international recognition from collectors and collectives alike.
   “Many people find solace in complacency. Whether we realize it or not, humanity’s self-righteousness is a result of a faulty vision prescribed by a few and forced on the masses,” said Mack in his artist statement. “The term cognitive dissonance comes to mind. As a species, we are past due for a social reckoning. This is the sole purpose of my artwork: to serve as a mirror of sorts. For what you see in others, and project unto the world, is a reflection of yourself.”
   He continues, “Competition is not Democrat versus Republican or black versus white as we have been fooled to believe. The purest form of competition is you versus all of your own insecurities and ignorance. Find victory here and true peace will be attained.”
   Mack says that his work “involves many individuals, whom at one point in time was considered an ‘enemy of the state.’ An enemy to whom? What criteria were used as the basis of this decision? Did their people feel the same way?”
   Don’t miss out on this chance to see Mack’s artwork on display this Tuesday.