Let’s Talk Financial Aid

Let’s Talk Financial Aid

Let’s Talk Financial Aid

Let’s Talk Financial Aid

Financial aid at East Georgia State College is a topic that receives much attention and discussion. EGSC makes every effort to ensure that the students and potential students understand financial aid and complete financial aid applications. This, in turn, keeps financial aid awarded in a timely manner, in order to facilitate a seamless transition into college.

The question, how do you apply, is always one of the first? All students interested in receiving grants and loans must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. Completing the FAFSA at is step one. If this is your first time completing the FAFSA you will be required to electronically sign the application with a pin number. To obtain a pin number go to and request a pin. After you receive your pin number go to and complete the FAFSA Application.
Another question that is usually asked is when do I apply? The FAFSA should be completed each year after tax returns have been filed. Another important priority is beating the priority deadlines. A priority deadline is the date by which students need to have submitted their online FAFSA application and also have provided other required documents to the EGSC Financial Aid Office. This allows sufficient time to determine your award. Priority deadlines are set for every semester. East Georgia State College Financial Aid Application Priority Deadlines are fall semester, June 1; and spring semester, October 1.

Students that do not meet financial aid priority deadlines are still able to apply for financial aid. However, they will be responsible for setting up a monthly payment plan, by the semester’s plan deadline or paying for their classes in full, by the fee payment deadline. Once their financial aid award has been processed, they will be reimbursed their fee payments.

Another popular question is about EGSC’s requirement for students who want to request a loan. If you are interested in receiving a loan at EGSC, you will be required to complete the EGSC Loan Request.

Lastly, the question of how do I keep my financial aid, is often asked by students? The student must meet satisfactory academic progress (SAP) standards. There are two components to SAP. First, the student must have a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) which is a ‘C’ and secondly, the student must complete 67% of attempted courses. Example: If you register for 12 credit hours and you withdraw from 6 credit hours, you are not making SAP because you are only completing 50% and not the required 67%.

Here’s a summary checklist of the steps to receive financial aid.
• Meet the Priority Deadline.
• Apply for a pin a
• Complete the FAFSA at
• Submit all documents requested by the EGSC Financial Aid Office.
• Complete the “Loan Offer Request” form to apply for a loan.
• Check your status using your “MYEGSC” account, see financial aid officer.
• Check your EGSC email daily.
• Meet SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) requirements.

For additional information, visit the East Georgia State College Financial Aid page or give the Student Affairs Office a call at (478) 289-2169.

Originally Posted: March 25, 2014 by Jerry Hooks
Last Edited: May 09, 2014 by Victor Poole