EGSC Alumnus Tim Earls Featured in GSU Magazine

EGSC Alumnus Tim Earls Featured in GSU Magazine

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EGSC Alumnus Tim Earls Featured in GSU Magazine

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EGSC Alumnus Tim Earls Featured in GSU Magazine

East Georgia State College alumnus, Timothy M. Earls, was recently featured in the Georgia Southern University’s fall 2014 Magazine. A television and movie set designer in Los Angeles, Earls earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from GSU, after attending EGSC in 1984.
He began his design career training while at EGSC, by working at Buckley and Associates architectural firm in Swainsboro. He continued in Statesboro and earned his bachelor of fine arts degree from Georgia Southern University.
Earls’ career since EGSC includes designing electronic games, designing sets, and providing art direction for television programs and movies. 
His most recent projects include designing sets (senior lead designer) from Iron Man 3, Valentine’s Day, and 38 episodes of Glee. He also designed sets for The Lone Ranger, Walk Hard, and seven installments of the Fast and Furious franchise.
A few of his many accomplishments include art direction for Flight of the Phoenix, (20th Century Fox); Let Go, (Touchstone Television); and art direction (visual effects), Crusade, A Call To Arms, and River of Souls, (Babylonian Productions).
Earls has also been the visual consultant on Paramount Pictures Threshold, serving also as the production designer. He was the concept and production designer for Thirdspace, In the Beginning, Babylon 5, and Firefly.
He was the senior lead set designer on Die Hard 4, Heist, Mission Impossible III, Poseidon, Flightplan, Serenity, Star Trek: Enterprise, Superman, The Italian Job, Terminator 3, and Resurrection Boulevard. Earls also was the set designer on Judging Amy, V.I.P., Star Trek: Voyager, and Babylon 5.
He has also served as a conceptual illustrator (scenic designer) on Peter Pan: The Musical 1997, which won an Emmy Award. He has been a contributing illustrator on several publications including Star Trek: Star Charts, New World New Civilizations, Babylon 5 Security Manual, Tomb Raider Tech Manual, and Star Trek – The Official Magazine.
Earls also spoke at East Georgia State College as part of the College’s Vision Series, a privately-funded initiative that brings programs of cultural and intellectual enrichment to East Georgia College and its broader constituency, the presentations are free and open to the public.
In his spare time, Earls hobby is restoring British sports cars.