EGSC Spring Commencement sees 172 cross the stage

EGSC Spring Commencement sees 172 cross the stage

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EGSC Spring Commencement sees 172 cross the stage
Photo by Mark Williams Studio

   East Georgia State College held their Spring Commencement Ceremony on Friday, May 5, 2017 in the EGSC Gymnasium. One hundred and seventy-two students crossed the stage to accept their diploma after earning their degrees, with 56 of that number being reverse transfer and four Bachelor of Science in Biology graduates. Two members of the CHOICE Inclusion Program also earned their Certificate of Accomplishment in Work Ready Skills during the ceremony.
   “Few days as special as this one will happen in your lifetime,” said EGSC President Dr. Bob Boehmer as he began the ceremony.
   Commencement speaker was Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Tim Goodman, who is retiring in June after 17 years of service to EGSC and 44 years in higher education.
   “I don’t think I could spend the last 44 years better than the way I’ve spent them,” said Dr. Goodman during his speech. “I always want to work where everyone knows your name. This is where the rubber meets the road.”
   “I have seen a rapid change in the last 44 years,” he said, describing the photo-electron spectrometer he used in his graduate research and comparing it to the hand-held spectrometers of today that do the same thing as the one he built that took up a whole classroom. “Everyone here has more computing power in their cell phone than I had in any equipment I used when teaching classes. Social media was the notes passed in class. There was no Twitter, Facebook, or whatever comes next. You’re going to have to be in a learning mode all the time. Your education never stops.”
   “The landscape of employment is changing rapidly, and the more education you have, the better chance you have of getting a job,” he continued. “I want you to think about going on further and work on your Bachelor’s degree, work on your Master’s degree.”
   “Good luck with all you do and make East Georgia proud of you!” he concluded.
   Student speaker was 2017 Miss East Georgia State College Miley Keyton. She addressed the graduates, saying “This is a proud moment for everyone in this room. Remember, life is a dream—a course that you set and determine by the choices you make each and every day. As you step out and meet the world with your mind prepared and your skills tuned, I urge you to set your direction with a positive attitude and a strong spirit.”
   Lisa Fields Bertoch, Class of 1993, was the Alumni speaker for the ceremony. She reminisced about her time at EGSC, telling students, “East Georgia has played a huge role in my family,” she said, describing the members of her family who have attended EGSC. “We all know full well the opportunities that East Georgia has and can provide to their students.”
   “I had no idea what impact the school and its staff would have on my life as I became an adult,” she continued. “As alumni, you have the opportunity to remain connected and involved in East Georgia State College. Remember that this will always be home for you. We wish you much success in your endeavors, and welcome to the EGSC Alumni family.”
   Dr. Goodman then presented the students for the conferring of their degrees. EGSC President Dr. Bob Boehmer conferred Associate of Arts degree to the following:
   Summer L. Adams, LaQuaysia C. Aldridge, Natalie D. Alexander, Charles A. Ambrose, Kaelyn B. Amerson, Richard Atkins, Richard A. Ayala, Bethlehem O. Babayemi, Bailee D. Baltimore, Jacquelyn D. Bass, Dayton L. Beasley, Chiara Benberry, Brandon D. Boatwright, Stephanie Bourbeau, Willa K. Bouy, Charolette A. Bowen, Joseph B. Braddock, Cameron W. Braddy, Gary W. Bragg, James P. Braxton, Regina P. Bunch, Taquesta N. Bush, Ca'Seita A. Byrd, Taliyah K. Campbell, Joseph E. Canady, Tashima A. Carlyle, Landon S. Carter, Sarah L. Carter, Marissa R. Castellano, Caley N. Cavanah, Jordan M. Chance, Jaylen A. Clanton, Kendall L. Claxton, Denise D. Coleman, Kaylee T. Coleman, Wilma J. Collins, Brianna N. Cone, Margaret L. Cone, Amber S. Connely, Devon R. Conyers, Taylor L. Culp, Laken M. Deloach, Chaelesse S. Delpleche, Jessica D. Dixon, Royce G. Donahue, Conner W. Doyle, Niyah J. Drummer, Harry G. Dukes, Macy V. Dykes, Kyle M. Elrod, Sammie L. Evans, Jordan A. Finch, Makayla G. Flowers, Michael D. Francois, Brandy L. Franklin, Nanisha N. Gant, Sissy M. Gatch, Casey V. George, Shane M. Gilliam, Connor T. Gillis, Anna R. Godbee, Taylor L. Greene-Mitchell, Joanna A. Griffin, Tristan M. Griffin, Elizabeth H. Gross, Joseluis V. Guerrero, Brianna M. Hackett, Kierra N. Hall, Skylar A. Hall, Alexis R. Hammond, Myranda L. Hand, Samuel E. Hand, James R. Harrell, Ajah V. Harris, Brian E. Harris, Ceseley D. Henderson, Morgan R. Henderson, Kayla M. Hewitt, Nathan A. Hitchcock, Darius J. Holbrook, Brittany L. Holton, Edward B. Houston, Magnolia Howard, Otavious C. Hughley, Walter E. Ivy, Giselle A. Jackson, Sarah F. Jenkins, Demetric J. Jernigan, Tyler M. Johns, Andrika D. Johnson, Conner M. Johnson, David L. Johnson, Kenshayala Y. Johnson, Teresa C. Johnson, James E. Jones, Janeen E. Judge, Holly C. Kight, William E. Kirkland, Jalea S. Knight, Queon J. Knight, Madison S. Lawson, Landon D. Lynn, Katelan L. Manson, Lakia S. Mason, Adeidra E. Maxwell, Samantha K. Meadows, Breaona F. Milton, Brianna R. Mincey, Brianna P. Moore, Robert G. Morgan, Kirstyn J. Morris, Kijana S. Moss, Heather W. Myers, Cody A. Neidlinger, Denny E. Nelson, Kenyetta M. Nesbitt, Harley M. Paradice, Jaquania J. Perry, Kenja S. Pharr, Payton W. Phillips, Grady E. Poole, Laura A. Redmond, Jonia M. Reid, Shannon S. Renteria, Sarah D. Rhoney, Alexandra Rios, Shakina A. Roach, Kori A. Rogers, Rebecca L. Royal, Miranda C. Russell, Mary M. Rustin, Aileen P. Sanchez, Joseph M. Santoro, Riviera D. Selph, Emily M. Shaw, Alexis M. Smith, Joshua I. Smith, Brandyn A. Snyder, Ashlyn V. Starling, Ashanna B. Steele, Mallory N. Sucher, Neasyie M. Suggs, Ruby N. Sutton, Khalil D. Tate, Desire C. Thomas, Untorrey C. Thomas, Callie J. Thompson, Victoria L. Todd, Saadai N. Walker, Antwane M. Wallace, William D. Waters, Arayah D. Wilkes, Alexis T. Williams, Ambrea N. Williams, Anna C. Williams, Keionnie S. Williams, Priscilla A. Williams, Mikeal C. Willis, Stephen E. Wilson, Daisha S. Withers, Ashley C. Woods, Jacqueline Yepe, Kaleb S. Youmans, Ernestine L. Young and John H. Young.
   Dr. Boehmer then conferred the Bachelor of Science in Biology degrees to the following:
   Rashunda H. Bell, Colby V. Calhoun, Derick R. Thompson and Kaitlin E. Warren.
   Dr. Boehmer then presented the Certificate of Accomplishment in Work Ready Skills to CHOICE program participants Daizah M. Kelly and Benjamin H. Scott.
   Also during the ceremony, Gary Wesley Bragg was remembered with a posthumous Associate of Arts degree. It was accepted by his brother, Dylan Bragg.
   The ceremony concluded with Dr. Boehmer quoting John Wesley, saying, “Do all the good that you can, by all the means that you can, in all the places you can, at all the times that you can, to all the people that you can, as long as ever you can.”
   Congratulations to all the Spring 2017 graduates!

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