EGSC Motorola Fire and Emergency Services Administration Scholarship

EGSC Motorola Fire and Emergency Services Administration Scholarship

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EGSC Motorola Fire and Emergency Services Administration Scholarship

A generous gift to EGSC from the Motorola Corporation has created a new scholarship program for the Fire and Emergency Services Administration degree.  A scholarship of $1000 maximum per person will be given each semester to one or more students in the FESA program at EGSC.
The scholarship recipient(s) will be chosen based on criteria established by the Department Head and the Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Science.
Criteria include:

  1. To have successfully completed at least (1) semester as a FESA student as EGSC;
  2. To write an essay of no less than 500 words on how they intend to impact the field of fire and emergency services through the degree they are seeking.  This can be about their individual field (fire, EMS, law enforcement, EMA) or the field of emergency services in general.
  3. GPA of 2.5 or more
  4. This scholarship can be used to supplement any other aid the student is receiving that is not covering the entire cost of their attendance, including books.  This includes veteran's benefits, HOPE, employer reimbursement, or other scholarship funds.  Example:  If the student has employer reimbursement for tuition only an not fees, this can cover the fees and book costs. 

Apply at our Scholarships page, sign in and go to the application tab.  Once your information is completed, you will be asked to follow up with the essay. 
The application open dates are April 2 – May 3.  Please contact the program Director, Beverley Walker should you have any questions.

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